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Archbishop of Canterbury confesses to nodding off in services

by John Bingham, Telegraph

Speaking at Coventry Cathedral, where he was once a canon, The Most Rev Justin Welby recalled one occasion where he was leading evensong there but nodded off during the singing of the Magnificat, and fell over sideways.
His attempts to pretend nothing was amiss were foiled by the stifled laughter of the verger, he said.
It is not the first time the leader of the Church of England has admitted being caught out by some of its more formal aspects.
During his time as Dean of Liverpool Cathedral, the Archbishop collapsed into a fit of giggles after stumbling over an obscure passage from the Old Testament forbidding the eating of “rock badgers”.
When he became Bishop of Durham he was presented with a crozier with the face of a rock badger, which resembles a prairie dog, carved into it as a reminder of the day he lost his composure.
His confession of sleepiness came as he preached to a conference on reconciliation at Coventry, in his first major public address since becoming archbishop.

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