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Enthronement Of The Archbishop Of Canterbury

Thursday 21 March
Huw Edwards sets the scene in Canterbury Cathedral as Archbishop Justin Welby is enthroned as 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and President of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
In the presence of a 2,000-strong congregation, including clergy from the UK, and around the world, political leaders, heads of faith communities, family and friends, the new Archbishop will swear an oath of obedience and deliver his first sermon, as Archbishop, from the Chair of St Augustine.
Huw will be joined by a panel of guests, including The Rt Rev. Nigel McCulloch and The Rev. Dr Giles Fraser, who will discuss the significance of the occasion and the challenges facing the new Archbishop. Music will include anthems sung by Canterbury Cathedral Choir, including a new commission from Michael Berkeley, plus hymns and music reflecting the diverse traditions of the Church of England.

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