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When Cumbria becomes ’strategic’ for Christ

By Julian Mann

Conservative evangelicals in the Church of England are now faced with the prospect of losing 'strategic' (i.e. socially influential) ministry platforms.

We have to face the fact now that we are an embarrassment in any Anglican clergy chapter. Why? Because the growing proportion of female clergy find us offensive. Any bishop appointing a conservative evangelical faces the wrath of his local women's ministry support network.

So in the coming years, under the almost inevitable single clause women bishops' measure and more or less covertly even without that, conservative evangelical opponents of the unbiblical innovation of women presbyters and now bishops are not going to be appointed to incumbencies.

There are some glowing exceptions. Carlisle is conservative evangelical friendly. But how many conservative evangelicals want to go and minister in Carlisle? How 'strategic' in conservative evangelical eyes is Cumbria compared to London and the south-east?

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