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Gay ‘marriage’ could bring disestablishment of Church of England: Bishop Nazir-Ali

by Hilary White, LifeSite News

On the day of his enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has sent an “olive branch” message to one of the UK’s leading homosexual campaigners, Peter Tatchell, inviting him to discuss “gay marriage.” Welby is said to be still “thinking through” his position on the government’s proposed redefinition of marriage. While they supported homosexual civil unions, the Church of England has formally opposed the government’s plans to rewrite the marriage law, though the position of many of its bishops and clergy remains ambivalent.

Welby’s invitation to Tatchell comes in response to an open letter from the gay campaigner in which he accused Welby of “homophobia” for his opposition to changing the law.

“You claim that you are not homophobic but a person who opposes legal equality for LGBT people is homophobic – in the same way that a person who opposes equal rights for black people is racist,” Tatchell wrote. Welby sent Tatchell an email thanking him for the “very thoughtful” letter, saying he would like to discuss it “without the mediation of the press”.

Meanwhile, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, one of the Church of England’s leading conservative voices, has told in a video interview that formal disestablishment could be coming should the state begin to tell the Church “what to believe, or how to worship, or what is right and wrong.”

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