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Justin Welby enthroned as 105th Archbishop of Canterbury

By John Bingham, Telegraph

Justin Welby warned against “severing the roots” of more than 1,000 years of Christianity in Britain as he was enthroned as 105th Archbishop of Canterbury.

In an impassioned sermon at Canterbury Cathedral he attributed some of the greatest advances in our history – from the abolition of slavery to the foundation of the NHS – to its Christian heritage.

He said that Britain’s laws and social order drew on its “rootedness in Christ”.

And he insisted that the Church must now focus on new battles including combating global poverty and protecting the environment.

His comments came amid a colourful enthronement service attended by the Prince of Wales and David Cameron as well – for the first time in recent years – the leaders of all branches of the Anglican church worldwide.

Speaking about the miracle of walking on water he urged the Church not to be cowed by falling numbers ands said there was “every possible reason for optimism” about its future.

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