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Boris Johnson ban on Christian ‘gay cure’ ad did not break law, court rules

By Shiv Malik,Guardian

Judge says mayor of London did not abuse position by blocking bus advertisement that could have led to homophobic attacks

The mayor of London's decision to ban a Christian group's controversial bus advert targeting gay people did not contravene the law, the high court has ruled.
A judge found on Friday that Boris Johnson did not abuse his position as chairman of Transport for London (TfL) last April when he imposed the ban on the advert, which suggested that people could be cured of homosexuality.
The decision is a defeat for the Core Issues Trust, a Christian charity that funds "reparative therapy" for gay Christians, which it claims can "develop their heterosexual potential". They believe Johnson was "politically driven" when he intervened to block the ad.
The ad posters earmarked for the sides of the capital's buses read: "Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it!"
Johnson condemned the "gay cure" ad as "offensive to gays" and said it could lead to retaliation against the wider Christian community.
Sitting at the high court, Justice Beverley Lang ruled on Friday that TfL's process in introducing the ban "was procedurally unfair, in breach of its own procedures and demonstrated a failure to consider the relevant issues".
However, she said that was outweighed by factors against allowing the ad to be published on buses across the capital. Lang said it would "cause grave offence" to those who were gay and was perceived as homophobic, "thus increasing the risk of prejudice and homophobic attacks".
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