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Plea from the parish to Canterbury: spare us same-sex blessings

By Julian Mann, Virtueonline

Dr Justin Welby's interview with the BBC's Huw Edwards prior to his enthronement at Canterbury should stifle any triumphant note that may emanate from confessing Anglican lips that somehow or other one of our own has replaced Roman Williams.

Whilst it was encouraging to hear that Dr Welby says the Creed "without crossing my fingers at any point", his affirmation of Dr Williams's disastrous tenure as the Tony Blair-appointed Archbishop of Canterbury was disheartening. Asked whether he was "hopeful" that he could "provide a clearer way forward" on the divisive issues of sexuality, same-sex marriage and women bishops "than your predecessor managed to do", Dr Welby replied:

"I think Rowan did an extraordinary job. I think I'd want to challenge the assumption that he didn't do well on this. Quite the reverse."

He then went on to say that the "way forward" in the Church of England involved "discussions and debates", which might seem an innocuous statement of the obvious. But confessing Anglicans ought to be well aware of the revisionist 'salami effect' agenda behind these discussions and debates about matters on which the Bible is clear.

Then came the most disturbing section of the interview. The following quote of itself would strike most BBC viewers in the Western world as the sentiment of an Archbishop who is traditional on marriage but is wanting to be caring towards gay people: "I believe in the traditional teaching of the Church on marriage but also equally passionately in the essential dignity of the human person."

The overwhelmingly majority of English BBC viewers – whether they are in the habit of saying Amen or not – would certainly say Amen, even Hallelujah, to that. It sounds so balanced, so sweetly reasonable, so…tolerant.

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