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No Comic Relief at all

By Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express

THE BBC just doesn’t get it.

Its idea of a family show for Comic Relief was filth before the watershed and the programme-makers were so hopelessly in thrall to the without-sex-and-swearing-it-isn’t-any-good culture that they appear to have been taken by surprise at the strength of audience reaction.

What is the conversation like in their own households?

Do they discuss vajazzles with their eight-year-olds?

Or do they crack jokes about the Bible and sex with their children before dropping them off at primary school?

If not, then why do they assume they can say these things with impunity in front of other people’s children?

I was asked to take part in a scene so grossly offensive that it should have been unthinkable to approach an elderly practising Catholic but they don’t think, believing naively that their humour is universal and that everyone seeks fun in filth.

BBC bosses believe that raising money for charity justifies anything.

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