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The Bible TV series is a huge hit in America. Show it here, to teach ignorant BBC researchers about Christianity

By Cristina Odone, Telegraph

The Bible is a hit. A ten-part series based on the Old and New Testaments has proved a huge triumph for the History Channel in America. The surprise hit has beaten American Idol and confounded critics and atheists alike with its viewing figures – 13 million for one episode.
It stands to reason that "the greatest story ever told", acted by gorgeous young unknowns (Diogo Morcaldo, the Portuguese actor who plays Jesus, looks like the young Brad Pitt) would be a crowd-pleaser. But what a warning for braying atheists, such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation, that despite their lobbying America is still a God-cherishing country.
The same cannot be said of Europe. Not only do secularist authorities scorn religion and ban expressions of faith (from wearing a crucifix to saying a prayer) in public life; they have created total ignorance of the basics of Christian religion among two generations.
Schoolchildren today know that they should take off their shoes when they enter a mosque and what the Diwali Festival is about, but couldn't recite more than two of the Ten Commandments or name the Four Gospels. This ignorance is not confined to schools but blankets university campuses, factories, City trading floors and even BBC newsrooms. I've written before about twentysomething BBC producers expressing shock when I explain that yes, I am a Catholic but no, that does not mean I believe in Creationism.
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