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Meditations for Holy Week: Tuesday 26 March


Mar  26


pm: 94


Jer 15:10-21


Phil 3:15-21


John 12:20-26


LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: These three days, leading up to the Triduum have within the liturgical development of Holy Week a very definite purpose. They place all its celebrations into the perspective of End; they remind us of the eschatological meaning of Pascha . So often the Holy Week is considered one of the beautiful traditions" or "customs", a self evident "part" of our calendar. We take it for granted and admire the beauty of its services, the pageantry of its rites, and then when all this is done, we resume our normal life.  The early part of this week is to assist us in avoiding that mistake! At times, Christians during this week lose sight that the vents of Jesus life and death take place in a significant liturgical context for the Hebrew people called “ Pascha”, which simply means Passover or passage. The Feast of Passover was for the Jews the annual commemoration of their whole history as salvation, and of salvation as passage from the slavery of Egypt into freedom, from exile into the Promised Land. It was also the anticipation of the ultimate passage — into the Kingdom of God.

The Key for us is that Christ was and is the fulfillment of Pascha! He performed the ultimate passage: from death into life, from this "old world" into the new world, into the new time of the Kingdom. And he opened the possibility of this passage to us. Living in "this world" we can already be "not of this world," i.e., be free from slavery to death and sin, partakers of the "world to come." But for this we must also perform our own passage, we must condemn the old Adam in us, we must put on Christ in the baptismal death and have our true life hidden in God with Christ. This requires a significant level of self examination which should have begun in the first weeks of Lent and culminates in this Holy Week.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: In the letter from St. Paul to the people at Philippi, Paul continues to highlight the reality that Gods presence in our lives means to be in a spirit of communion with Him, so as to receive His grace so we may be guided by the Spirit of Truth and not by the spirit of the world. Humility brings spiritual dimension in our lives and restores everything in its proper place.  Despite what the culture promotes as the key to human identity and purpose, we are reminded again that humility is the one of the paths to fulfillment of our spiritual potential that is all too often lost to pride and arrogance! Think about this a person of pride and arrogance tends to push out of his life anything or anyone that competes with him and his achievements. Very quickly, many are alienated and such a person finds himself isolated in self-righteousness. At this point despite the talent for self justification this person is as far from God as the North Pole is from the South Pole.

As we approach the great Triduum, how can we not take time to ponder the kenotic love that offered the greatest act of humility that the world has ever seen and apprehend for ourselves through the call to repentance the church offers to us on Spy Wednesday.

PRAYER OF THE DAY:  Almighty ever-living God, grant us so to celebrate the mysteries of the Lord's Passion that we may merit to receive your pardon. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE:  “The Cross of Christ. It has power to wake the dullest conscience and melt the hardest heart, to cleanse the unclean, to reconcile him who is afar off and restore him to fellowship with God, to redeem the prisoner from his bondage and lift the pauper from the dunghill, to break down the barriers which divide [people] from one another, to transform our wayward characters into the image of Christ and finally make us fit to stand in white robes before the throne of God.” –Dr. John Stott.

HOLY WEEK DISCIPLINE Where has humility been lacking in your life? Where has Pride won the day? Can you make a list as to what the cost has been? To assist you for Spy Wednesday Penance, undertake an examination of conscience to help you  make ready for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Read Chapter VII of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis (go to ) to assist you in this process.

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