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Open Letter to Bishop Burrows from Reform Ireland

In light of the motion on Human Sexuality within the Context of Christian Belief passed at General Synod 2012 Reform Ireland asks the following questions:

The Bishop of Cashel and Ossory stated that he would make no comments concerning his actions until the Church of Ireland had spoken. The Church of Ireland spoke clearly and decisively at Christ Church Dublin when the General Synod 2012 reaffirmed the biblical teaching on marriage. We would now ask Bishop Burrows to explain his actions in relation to the appointment of Dean Tom Gordon as we believe they are clearly contrary to the teaching of the Church of Ireland.  Further, in the light of the General Synod decision, we would ask how Bishop Burrows can remain as a Bishop of the Church of Ireland?
 Despite several public appeals and many letters requesting an explanation of his actions the Bishop has remained silent. We believe he can no longer remain silent and ask that he explains to the people of the Church of Ireland, who are deeply hurt and offended, why he ignored the teaching of the Church and appointed Dean Tom Gordon?
Regarding Dean Tom Gordon, we ask him to explain how his civil partnership is compatible with Christian and Church teaching? We call on the dean to reconsider his position in light of the teaching of Scripture and the motion passed at General Synod in 2012.
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