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Germany: the Green Party and its murky past. A “Human Rights expert” promoting paedophilia.

by J.C. von Krempach, JD, Turtle Bay & Beyond

While Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the front man of the Green Party in the European Parliament, has announced that he will not run for re-election in 2014, it is becoming increasingly clear that he was not the only one in his party to have advocated the legalization of paedophilia. Indeed, the influence of paedophile networks on the party’s political programme was far greater than is generally known, as a recent report by the German weekly “Der Spiegel” has revealed.

It should be noted in this regard that homosexuals and self-declared paedophiles joined in a caucus called “Schwup” (=Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Schwule, Päderasten und Transsexuelle, i.e. the Federal Working Party of Gays, Pederasts and Trassexuals), which was financed by the Green Party.
On 10 March 1985 the Greens of North-Rhine Westphalia (the largest of Germany’s federal entities) decided to include into their electoral program a paper in which they requested that “all forms of non-violent sexual intercourse, including between adults and children, should be legal”. In that same paper, “non-violent sex between adults and children” (one is tempted to wonder: does “non-violent” mean “consensual”???) is described as “pleasurable for both sides, productive, conducive to development, in short: positive”.
Later on, the issue was silently dropped – probably not out of conviction, but because the Party discovered that public morality had not yet eroded to such a degree as to make this part of their program seem acceptable. Instead, the Party focussed on the promotion of homosexuality and transsexualism, pretending that this was not part of one and the same agenda to subvert public morality.
Indeed, the linkage seems quite logical. Promoting homosexuality and transsexualism means to sever the link between sexuality and procreation, and to proclaim the enjoyment of physical pleasure as the sole purpose of sexuality. But if that view is accepted, it seems perfectly logical to accept “non-violent sex with children” as a legitimate form of sexuality. Which is exactly what the 1985 Paper says.
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