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I’ve been asked, “What do you expect gay people who want children to do?” Here’s my answer.

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I feel compelled to answer a question I get a lot: "What do you expect gay people who want children to do?"

I can answer that by first asking pro-gay folks, "what do you expect me to do?" The answer to that leads to the answer to the first question.

As most folks reading this blog know, the debate about same-sex parenting is unusually emotional and often nasty. Critique the wisdom of same-sex parenting and you will get steamrolled by the cackling chorus of pro-gay automatons.

The Pain Factor

Part of the nastiness comes from the fact that gay people, as a whole, harbor a lot of hurt. I've never known any world except the gay world because I grew up in it from the moment I acquired language. It is a universe of pain. Part of accepting oneself as gay means accepting that if you are gay, you are hurting. Pretending that you don't shoulder unique pains, which the average person is ignorant of, will only confuse and fluster you. Any debate about homosexuality triggers these pains and escalates quickly into emotional warfare.

That's why despite the scathing attacks against my character, I honestly don't get riled. I've been dealing with gay people and their psychological projection tactics since I sat in front of the TV set watching Looney Tunes.

The Rude Awakening Factor

Another reason that the debate about same-sex parenting gets raw very quickly is that people who have been pushing same-sex parenting have engaged in myriad lies and obfuscations. When you've been lying for a long time and someone is about to catch you, you freak out. That's what gay parenting advocates do when people suddenly drop the bullshit facades and confront them about the way their proposals oppress children.

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