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Stonewall scandal at Catholic university college points to bureaucrats as the problem

By John Smeaton, SPUC

Deacon Nick Donnelly of the excellent Protect the Pope blog reports that St Mary's University College, Twickenham (known colloquially as Strawberry Hill):

"subjected its PGCE students to a two-hour anti-homophobic bullying workshop run by Stonewall on its premises. The ‘training’ session lasted from 4pm to 6pm on Thursday 6th June."

[...]  SPUC has been sent a copy of the Stonewall presentation given at Strawberry Hill which was used as the basis for the workshop. The presentation goes beyond the subject of homophobic bullying. It:

  • attacks Christian teachers who have objections to homosexuality
  • advocates the inclusion of homosexual equality into curricula
  • attacks Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 which (before being repealed in 2003) prevented the promotion of homosexuality in any state-maintained school
  • provides a recommended reading list of homosexual books
  • promotes homosexual parenting
  • links to websites which, among other things, promotes 'gay pride' marches.

The college's website reveals that, among its 'equality scheme objectives', are:

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