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Safermedia campaign to safeguard children

A rare opportunity for you to make a real difference to strengthen the Government’s arm and demonstrate the strength of public opinion
There are two simple actions you can take today: A. join the Sunday Times campaign and B. send an email to the Culture Secretary Maria Miller:
1. Sunday Times CAMPAIGN to Safeguard Children
The grim statistics:
  • 36% of the internet is pornography
  • 1 in 4 search queries is about porn
  • A third of all downloads are porn
  • Online porn makes $3,000 a second
  • Latest child victim is 16 year old Charlie Booth who shot himself after receiving a police warning for sexting a girl.
Following on from their Symposium last week, The Sunday Times has also launched a campaign to safeguard children from online pornography.
This is intended to increase public pressure on the Government as it goes into talks with the search engines and ISPs: there was a Summit hosted by the Culture Secretary Maria Miller yesterday.
Please support the Sunday Times campaign:
‘Do you think society should be doing more to protect children from XXX rated content? Please join our campaign.’ Go to: can read the article here (if you are a Sunday Times subscriber):

2. Support the Culture Secretary Rt Hon Maria Miller MP directly
‘Why I, as a mother, am determined to protect my children from the depravity of internet porn: Minister explains why we MUST force Google to crack down on web filth’ [Daily Mail 15.6.13]
Read the article:

Extraordinary progress has been made since the block porn campaign began in 2010 but the Government’s proposals still rely on industry self-regulation. Mrs Miller is up against massive corporate interest.
Baroness Howe is pressing for swift legislation:My (Online Safety) Bill introduces the missing element of legislative compulsion. While the government expends its energies encouraging the industry to choose voluntarily to get its house in order children are suffering. This won’t do.’
You can also read the very positive Opposition Debate on Protecting Children Online held last week:

We would urge you also to send an email to Rt Hon Maria Miller MP as soon as possible.
It need only be brief. Thank her for her initiative and the good progress being made, and ask her also to be firm and push as hard as she can towards legislation.
Her contact address is: maria.miller.[email protected]
3. Please send this email out as widely as you can to ensure as much public support as possible.
As ever, thanks and best wishes,
The Safermedia team

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