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City of Sofia cancels indecent parade – city of Chisinau is pressured to accept it

By J C von Krempach, JD, Turtle Bay & Beyond

The number of European countries standing up against the EU’s activities in sponsoring moral corruption increases. The latest example is Bulgaria, where the authorities of the city of Sofia, following massive protests from the population, have decided to cancel a so-called “Gay Pride” event, in which homosexuals exhibit “pride” about what normal people would feel ashamed for.

The decision, which was taken in response to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church’s warning that the glorification of counter-natural sexual behaviours “threatens the moral foundations of our society and our children’s health and the Bulgarian nation as a whole”, is an important shift. The event, which received strong political sponsorship from certain North European Governments and the European Commission, had taken place every year since 2008, and the organizers had hoped that the local population would over time get used to this repelling ostentation of indecency. But the opposite happened: the resistance is growing and politicians come under an increasing pressure to set an end to the disgusting parade.
It appears thus that the “Gay Pride” movement is meeting its limits. Indeed, in many Eastern European countries the EU-sponsored gay culture is increasingly perceived as an attempt at cultural imperialism, which is imposed on people against their will. Just the other day, a friend from Moldova told me about the first such parade in his country, which according to his description consisted of “thirty or forty grotesquely dressed homosexual exhibitionists, mostly from Western Europe, accompanied by a nearly equal number of ambassadors and Members of the European Parliament from various EU countries”, spear-headed by the EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle, who “made every effort he could in order to avoid noticing the ten thousand counter-demonstrators”. A true march of folly.

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