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Babies with three parents could be born by 2015 after controversial genetic treatment gets green light

By Jenny Hope, Mailonline

  • Process involves replacing defective DNA with material from a donor egg
  • Critics say it is first step to creating 'designer babies'
  • But Government medical officer says 'fundamental DNA' will not be affected

The first baby with three parents could be born as early as 2015 after a landmark decision to move ahead on a controversial genetic treatment.

Britain could become the first country to sanction the creation of babies with three genetic parents, despite fears it might lead to ‘designer babies’.

The Government will publish draft regulations later this year that will bring techniques a step closer to giving women affected by devastating hereditary diseases the chance to have healthy children.

The techniques involve replacing defective DNA in the mother’s egg with material from a donor egg.

The resulting healthy child would effectively have two mothers and a father.

For the first time the ‘germ line’ of inherited DNA from the mother would be altered which, critics say, marks a turning point in the ethics of test-tube babies.

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