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Canada’s Queer Sex Ed Curriculum: A first

By Lisa Severine Nolland

This article describes how, on the back of the introduction of same-sex marriage (SSM), sexual health education in ‘progressive’ Canada has acted as a Trojan Horse for the widespread sexualization of kids. The recent developments in the UK mirror quite closely what has occurred in Canada over the past ten or so years. We are at a tipping point…

In the context of the present push to legalize SSM, lessons on gay marriage and same-sex relationships in general cannot fail to become compulsory in schools.(1) Perhaps people do not realize that children in some schools are already being directed to sites containing graphic SS sexual ‘health’ advice. (2) With SSM, it will in some shape or form become mandatory to teach about gay relationships in all schools, including the mechanics of homosexual and lesbian sex. Do you want this for your children and grandchildren?

Certain aspects of some SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) curricula are as noxious as the ‘health’ charities’ sites. (3) This content is successfully influencing many youngsters’ minds, morals and behaviour. Because medical care can be given independently of parental knowledge (in relation to this issue), much of this influencing remains under the radar.

But with SSM, we move into far more ominous and non-negotiable scenarios. 

SS sex education for secondary schools has reached a new low. A novel queer sex ed curriculum was launched earlier this spring by Planned Parenthood Toronto: Queering Sex Ed. This curriculum positively presents high risk and extreme sex acts and pornography as potentially valuable and ‘safe’ means of exploring one’s sexuality. (4)

 See curriculum here (examples of ‘advice’ included above and right); Warning: very graphic verbally. 

Given the state of sex education in this country already, if SSM becomes law, our children well may be taught this sort of content along with fractions, photosynthesis and Eating 5 A Day. And there will be little you can do; it will be compulsory, and anyway dissent will sound increasingly shrill and homophobic.

That children 13 and older should not be practicing such high risk sex acts goes without saying. Indeed, I have heard that the costs of rectal reconstructions on the NHS are rising; do people know one can end up needing to wear nappies for the rest of one’s life? (5) Sexual activity can seriously damage children psychologically as well as physically, yet they are told that as long as they use a condom (and get the vaccine) ‘safe’ sex is theirs. (6)

Lisa Nolland


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3/ One edition of Channel 4’s ‘Living and Growing’ (for 8-9 yr olds) shows a couple having sex in two positions; (though it has since been withdrawn from sale this popular DVD set is still in thousands of schools), see also; Also the illustrious KS4 PSHE, CGP (2001): The Study Guide, 6: Some people like [anal sex], and here’s a reason why: men have a gland called the prostate, near the rectum. If they’re on the receiving end of anal sex, this gland is stimulated, causing sexual pleasure’. Cf Julian Cohen, Safe and Sound: 11-16 S*x and Relationship (SRE) Education Package and Pathways to Sexual Health: Lothian Health. 

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