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Immigration is a poor excuse for secularisation

From Conservative Home

[...]  A few months ago, the Labour MP and former Anglican minister, Chris Bryant, proposed that the chapel of St Mary Undercroft, in the Palace of Westminster, be turned into a multifaith prayer room so that it could be used for same sex weddings. Leaving aside the SSM issue, let’s just consider the multifaith angle.

Anyone who’s ever visited the chapel will know that every inch of its richly decorated interior is infused with High Anglican iconography. It would be hard for many low church Protestants to worship there, let alone members of non-Christian religions. Unless one were to remove or cover-up the imagery – which would be an act of sacrilege and of cultural vandalism – the chapel doesn't exactly lend itself to a multifaith purpose.

For a certain kind of secularist the answer is not multifaith but no faith. In the case of St Mary Undercroft, that would mean shutting the chapel as a place of worship altogether – perhaps redesignating it as a museum, in the manner of the Bolsheviks.

The chapel is a symbol of a wider debate, which, according to Ronan McCrea, has been sharpened by the challenge of integrating immigrant communities into mainstream society:

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