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Please support NOM as they go on the offensive

As you know, last week the Supreme Court handed down two terrible decisions on marriage. But the Court stopped short of fabricating a "right" to redefine marriage in our Constitution, choosing instead to allow the states to settle the question.

This means winning or losing marriage is still up to us, The People.

Within hours of last week's rulings, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana issued a statement calling upon the General Assembly to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot for the people of Indiana to vote on next November.

NOM has been strongly supportive of this effort since 2011, when the first vote to put a Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot passed both chambers by large, bipartisan margins.

Join us as we go on offense! Please email your state representative and senator and demand they support allowing the people of Indiana to vote on marriage!
If you do not live in Indiana please forward this to your friends and family who do (or use the social media sharing buttons at the top and bottom of this email) and make a pledge to support our critical work.

Over the past few years NOM has been battling in deep blue states, successfully fending off legislative attacks on marriage in states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Hawaii — hardly friendly territory for us.

This is an opportunity to go to a thriving, Midwestern state, and demonstrate that heartland America believes in marriage.

Gay marriage advocates are still terrified of letting the people decide this issue — because they know the people do not support redefining marriage.

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