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A critical week for contacting Peers

By Lisa Severine Nolland

It has been said that during WWII, 5% of the Dutch were actively engaged in the Resistance, while 5% colluded with the Third Reich. The remaining 90% did nothing, either because they were fearful of the consequences or could not be bothered.
How to contact peers:
Dear AM Readers
This week is critical in terms of contacting a) peers; b) bishops; and c) our MPs.
Even if you have already been in contact, please consider writing (or phoning) again. They need to hear from you!
Points to include would be even before the passage of the bill:
a. The redefinition of the word, marriage. With SSM, adultery is getting a face-lift, rebranded and sold to a gullible public by SSM leaders like Baroness Stowell (read here).
b. An open-air preacher has been arrested for ‘hate speech’ for his preaching on I Thess 4 (read here).
c. Those in public institutions like schools are now being disciplined for refusing to promote SSM (read here).
There is no doubt, the church will be silenced next through a variety of means. It is already happening now.
For more see; or


In relation to writing to peers, it is far easier than at first appears. See also


In fact, though some peers have individual emails, one can contact them using their LAST name, FIRST initial, followed by So, a ‘Lord Buckingham’ (first name James) would be reached on [email protected]

For bishops, please see here
And finally, for MPs. in case you do not know yours:

Far more is at stake than most people have any notion of.

Please act!


















































































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