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Survey suggests grassroots Tory gloom

By James Landale, BBC News

[...]  The party members were asked about their views on UKIP.

They were asked to express their views by choosing a number from zero to ten. Zero meant they would never consider voting for UKIP. Ten meant they would definitely vote or consider voting for UKIP.

Only 33% said they would never consider voting UKIP.

The rest were spread pretty evenly across the scale. But 19% of the members ticked eight, nine or ten, suggesting they were seriously considering voting UKIP.

That is a remarkable figure and will worry Conservative leaders planning for the general election.

[...]  They were asked to what extent the Conservative Party leadership respects ordinary party members. Some 53% said they did not feel respected; 45% said they were respected.

Many in the grassroots are also unhappy over policy. A whopping 59% said they opposed the introduction of legislation allowing for gay marriage. And 67% said they opposed protecting Britain's overseas aid budget.

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