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The arrest of street preacher Tony Miano reveals the threat to religious freedom from the same-sex marriage Bill

By Julian Mann, Christian Today

What if American street preacher Tony Miano had been unleashed as a Christian lion on an English court after he was arrested in Wimbledon for saying that homosexuality is a sin?

A highly commended former police officer in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who served as a gang investigator and field training officer, Mr Miano would surely have been well capable of using a public law court to expose the politically correct assault on Christian freedom of speech in Britain.

For that reason, it was arguably a missed opportunity that a judicious police inspector made a midnight hour decision to release Mr Miano after he spent several hours in Wimbledon police station. In the presence of his Christian solicitor, Mr Miano was told by a detective that he would very likely be required to remain in Britain for four to five months in order to face trial for homophobic hate speech.

Mr Miano's account of what he described as his 'surreal' experience on July 1 can be found here

Campaigners Christian Concern are planning to inform every Member of Parliament about Mr Miano's arrest after a woman passer-by swore at him when she heard him criticising homosexuality and then reported him to the police who arrested him under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. That campaign will God willing have an impact in exposing the threat to religious freedom from the same-sex marriage bill now going through Parliament. But a public trial would have been so much more potent for the cause of Christian freedom.

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