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Osborne refutes criticism from Archbishop of Canterbury that policies are “hurting the North”

By Robert Merrick, Northern Echo

GEORGE Osborne today (July 11) rejected growing criticisms from the Archbishop of Canterbury, denying his policies were hurting the poor and the North.

Quizzed by The Northern Echo at Westminster, the Chancellor insisted controversial benefit cuts were helping people who were currently “trapped in poverty”.

And he mounted a strong defence of the fairness of Government spending, saying: “We are making a determined effort to invest in the economic infrastructure of the North.”

In recent days, the Most Rev Justin Welby – the former Bishop of Durham – has made a series of criticisms of Government policies, seen by some as interfering in politics.

First, the Archbishop turned on Conservative ministers for dividing the nation into “strivers” and “scroungers” who were on benefits, saying: “That's clearly completely untrue.”

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