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Buckingham Palace lists Catholics in line of succession

By Richard Palmer, Daily Express

BUCKINGHAM Palace has listed two Roman Catholics in the line of succession in apparent contravention of the law.

Lord Nicholas Windsor, the youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent and a great grandson of George V, converted to Catholicism in 2001, his Croatian wife Paola is a Catholic, and their two sons Albert and Leopold were baptised as Catholics.
Under the terms of the 1701 Act of Settlement Catholics are banned from succession to the throne.
Yet Albert, 5, and Leopold, 3, are listed as 39th and 40th in line to the throne on the Royal Family’s official website. in the new line of succession following the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, Prince George.
Buckingham Palace, which spent two years insisting that the Duchess of Cambridge was not a princess before admitting that she was, has not commented on the decision to include the two young Catholics.
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