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David Cameron is ‘actual leader’ of LGBT movement after Stephen Fry pub meeting: Pro-life leader

by Hilary White, LifeSite News

The Prime Minister of Great Britain met in a London pub this weekend with television comedian and actor Stephen Fry to discuss the decision by the Russian government to outlaw homosexualist propaganda.

In an open letter published on his website, Fry has demanded that the government boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics, to be held in Sochi, Russia.

The government and the International Olympic Committee have already ruled out the possibility of a boycott, but Cameron quickly responded to Fry’s demand with a note on Twitter, saying, “I share your deep concern about the abuse of gay people in Russia. However, I believe we can better challenge prejudice as we attend, rather than boycotting the Winter Olympics.”

Newspaper publisher Evgeny Lebedev invited Fry and Cameron to meet at The Grapes, a pub he co-owns with Sir Ian McKellen, another high-profile actor and homosexual activist.

The Daily Mail quoted “well-placed sources” who said that after the “secret” meeting over drinks with the Conservative Prime Minister, Fry was happy with the discussion and with Cameron’s explanations about why Britain should still attend the games. One source said that Cameron had assured Fry that the British delegation to the games would “make the case” for “gay rights.”

“David Cameron’s pub meeting suggests that he is now an actual leader of the homosexualist lobby, and that he prefers the company of his party’s left-wing opponents to its own traditional supporters,” Anthony Ozimic, communications manager of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told

Ozimic said, “One suspects that Mr. Cameron is privately pleased that huge numbers of pro-family Tories are fleeing from Conservative Party. All prime ministers are desperate to leave their mark on history, and Mr. Cameron is delighted to leave the destruction of true marriage as his legacy.”

But the real price of Cameron's actions will not be political. “The cost, of course, will be paid by future generations, especially children both born and unborn,” Ozimic added.

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