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Anglican Communion invited to first ever online debate


Anglicans and Episcopalians worldwide with access to the Internet have a chance to take part in what is thought to be the first ever cross-Province webinar.
Anglican Alliance, the platform that supports development, relief and advocacy across the Anglican Communion, is hosting the online debate on Wednesday 4 September. Taking part in the event is Brazil's Archbishop Mauricio Andrade, Burundi's Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi, and former UN Deputy General Secretary and former UK Africa minister Baron Malloch-Brown.
The organisers claim it "will be a chance for your to hear from leading Anglicans and to put forward your views in the discussion of the new goals for world development after 2015."
The online debate will last for an hour starting next Wednesday at 6am in Brasilia, Brazil, 10am in London, UK, and 11am in Bujumbura, Burundi. People who sign up to take part here will be able to send in their questions throughout the debate for the panel to answer.
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