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Left guilty of ‘arrogant bullying’ of homophobia law opponents, Italian law prof says

By Hilary White, LifeSite News

A statement from the head of the Italian psychologists’ association, condemning those who have opposed the proposed “anti-homophobia” law as homophobes, is a case of “arrogant bullying” an Italian law professor has said in a scathing editorial.

Francesco D’Agostino, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, said in an editorial in Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian Catholic Bishops, that the accusation is supporting an “an absurd paradigm” in which “some statements, such as those that support that homosexuality is a disease, should be deemed not only false…but deserving of social stigma and repression, if not downright criminal.”
The controversy stems from a statement issued this week by the President of the National Council of the order of psychologists, Luigi Palma, which said, “It is very serious that the detractors of the anti-homophobic laws repeat, among others, the idea that homosexuality is a disease to be cured and, consequently, that homosexual orientation can be changed.”
D’Agostino called Palma's statement “absolutely unconscionable” and noted that those who had opposed the bill for serious legal reasons had been exposed to “a variety of violent attacks, including some that were very crude from gay movements."
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