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103 companies from 33 countries support Russia in protecting minors from homosexual propaganda content

From Profesionales por la Etica

Only a week ago we took account of the international launch of a statement supporting the Russian Federal Law on the Protection of Children from Harmful to Health Information and Development, a rule which, among other things, imposes fines for people who provide Content homosexual propaganda to children under 18 years.
Among other claims, the statement indicated that the natural family created through marriage of a man and a woman, is the foundation of any human society and deserves the protection of society and the state as is enshrined in international standards Rights Human Declare including other statement of Human Rights (Art. 16.3). Any initiative harmful to the natural family is destructive of society as a whole. We also affirm that children need special protection because of their innocence and immaturity.
A week later, the Declaration of support for Russia has won the support of 103 organizations from 33 different countries or geographic regions. "The success of the mobilization," says Leonor Tamayo , head of the International Area Professionals for Ethics , 'shows that the protection of children and safeguard the natural family are sensitive matters of public concern, as reflected in the through civil society independent of government organizations. "
Among the signatories stand the Latin American Alliance for the Family, Aid to the Church in Need, World Congress of Families, Moscow City Parents Comittee, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, European and CitizenGO Large Families Association. Organizations belong to countries on all continents, but predominantly in Europe (Spain, Poland, UK, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ukraine …) and North and South.
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