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If you want to see intolerance in action, look no further than the humanists’ war on faith schools

By Brendan O'Neill, Telegraph

If you want to see what intolerance means, look no further than the current campaign against faith schools. Spearheaded by the British Humanist Association (BHA), and cheered on by liberal broadsheet newspapers and people who fancy themselves as right-on, the campaign depicts itself as a socially enlightened effort to prevent children from being split into religious camps. But in truth it is a deeply illiberal assault on the fundamental right of parents to socialise their children into the values and beliefs that they consider to be true and profound. The rights of parents over their children, and of religious communities more broadly, are being severely undermined by those who, with an Orwellian glint in their eye, would love nothing more than to rid Britain of the alleged blight of faith schools.
The intolerant anti-faith school lobby scored another hit at the end of last week, when the Catholic school the London Oratory was slammed by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) for having an "unfair" admissions policy. Following a complaint from the BHA, which seems to spend an extraordinary amount of time inviting the state to reprimand schools that have any hint of a religious ethos, the London Oratory is now being forced to ditch its policy of prioritising children based on their parents' activities in local Catholic parishes. Kids whose parents were openly devout in their Catholicicism – for example by singing in the church choir or visiting the sick on behalf of the church – were looked upon more favourably by the Oratory than kids whose parents were a quieter kind of Catholic. No longer. Describing the policy as "discriminatory", the OSA has told the Oratory to stop prioritising children on the basis of their parents' faith-based activities.
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