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William Hague: We cannot pull up the drawbridge and think no harm will ever come to us

Foreign Secretary William Hagueby Sarah Sands, London Evening Standard

[...]  He cites the work we have done in stabilising Somalia and how Britain has “moved the dial” in drawing attention to sexual violence in conflict areas. On September 24 there will be a major meeting of nations in New York to discuss this. Hague also supports tackling Russia on the subject of gay rights.

“It is important to us. Britain cannot have a foreign policy without a conscience and I don’t believe it is ultimately in the nature of British people to act without a conscience. I wrote a book about William Wilberforce and the abolition of the slave trade, which was not in the self-interest of Britain, but was right.

“Britain is most comfortable with itself when we are saving lives, standing up for human rights overseas. So we should do that in conversation with Russia and other countries. It would say something terrible about Britain if we were reluctant to do that. We are one of the world’s oldest democracies. We are clear about our values. We must not retreat.”

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