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Ex-Gay Christian Counsellor Hounded Out by Psychotherapist Associations (UKCP/BPA)

Core Issues Trust Press Release

On the basis of just two BBC radio interviews and no complaints from either his clients or his qualified supervisors, the British Psychodrama Association (BPA) under the direction of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) has this week removed former homosexual Dr Mike Davidson from the psychotherapists’ register of trainee professional membership.

Dr Davidson specialises in counselling those who consider themselves troubled by feelings of same-sex attraction as he himself has been in the past. He has counselled without professional objection for six years and is recognised as an intelligent, empathetic and caring therapist. He has recently become a target for gay activists.

But now his professional bodies have hounded him out too. Directly following two BBC radio interviews in January 2012 in which he carefully explained his evidence-backed opinions, he was peremptorily notified by email from the chair of BPA Jonathan Salisbury that, without right of explanation or defence, his trainee membership was revoked with immediate effect pending investigation. Dr Davidson could no longer practice as a UKCP-approved trainee psychotherapist.

The BPA tried him against a set of so-called “Ethical Principles” of the UK Council for Psychotherapy that are themselves anything but ethical. These principles say: “It is not a sufficient defence for a therapist to argue that … they were acting in the client’s best interests, or … autonomy, as offering such therapy would be … reinforcing their externalised and internalised oppression.” So if someone asks a therapist for help to reduce unwanted same-sex attractions, they will be told that they are suffering from oppression and that it is unethical for a therapist to do what they ask.

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