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NIGERIA: Can same-sex marriage split Anglican Church?

By Victor Oshisada, Nigeria Guardian (from Virtueonline)

THE GUARDIAN, November 10, 2013, is the pivot around which this opinion piece revolves. In it, it was asked if same-sex marriage could lead to the break-up of the Anglican Church. For centuries, the two religious faiths –Christianity and Islam – have separately had to contend with fundamental issues. First, in Christianity, there were issues that led to Reformation and the roles played by Martin Luther, a radical University lecturer in Germany. These were the causes of the schism in Christianity, leading to Protestantism today. There is no faith that is free from embarrassing situation.

In Islamic world, there were controversies about the prophethood of Gulam Ahmad. He had his followers as the Ahmadiyyas, as opposed to the mainstream Moslems who believe in the prophethood of Mohammed (Peace be on to Him). Gulam Ahmad of Pakistan was rejected as a prophet, and his followers were regarded as heretics challenging Muhammed's prophethood. Saudi Arabia Government banned the Ahmaddis from entering its country for Pilgrimage. In Nigeria, from the High Court to Appeal and the Supreme Courts, judgments were upheld against the Ahmaddis. No faith ever escapes from polemics. Now, Christianity encounters another embarrassing situation. Same-sex marriage is a bone of contention.

Same-sex marriage is an abomination in the Church doctrine. It is a seismic shift in religious beliefs, Christianity, Islam or even in traditional faith. This writer is from a long line of traditionalists through and through, like any Nigerian or African. No faith tolerates same-sex marriage; it does not even exist among the fetish deities of this world. Same-sex marriage means marriage that involves a couple of the same sex. That is, a marriage contracted between one man and another man or a woman and another woman. In Islam, I am yet to learn of a Nikkah ceremony between a couple of the same sex. In Yoruba conjugal culture, it is unheard of. What God ordained is marriage between a man and a woman.
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