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Primary school league tables 2013: faith schools ‘dominate official rankings’

By Graeme Paton, Telegraph

Primary school league tables show that almost two-thirds of the top performers were faith schools, even though they make up just a third of all state primaries in England

Faith schools dominated new league tables in the three-Rs today despite claims that they boost results by effectively selecting bright pupils “by the backdoor”.

Official rankings published by the Department for Education showed that six-in-10 of the top performing primaries were Church of England, Roman Catholic or Jewish schools.

Faith schools – which make up just a third of primaries nationally – were significantly over-represented in the list of the schools that registered “perfect” results in the three-Rs, it was revealed.

The majority of top-performers were Anglican and Bowdon CofE primary in Altrincham was named as England’s second-best school.

But the disclosure is likely to renew the debate over the admissions policies used by faith schools which often prioritise believers over other local pupils.

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