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Website Supporting Duck Commander Has Taken Orders for More Than 2,000 Ducks in Less Than 2 Days

From Christian Newswire

[...] "I am almost rendered speechless," said Vision America President, Dr. Rick Scarborough, commenting on the outpouring of public support for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

Visitors to the site — — can have a free, personalized, camouflage post card sent with the message, "You Can't Camouflage Anti-Christian Bigotry. Reinstate Phil!"

Scarborough explained: "These personalized post cards are being sent to Nancy Dubuc, CEO of the A&E Network. We've only had the site up two days and have mailed thousands of cards."

But that's not all. "For a $7.00 donation, we will send a rubber duck to A&E," Scarborough added.

Each duck bears the message "We cry fowl — Reinstate Phil!"

"More than 2,000 ducks have been ordered and paid for in less than 48 hours," Scarborough said. Discounts are available for quantity purchases.

The star of the enormously popular "Duck Dynasty" show on A&E was suspended after an interview in which he courageously called homosexual conduct a sin that's condemned in the Bible. "In an age when many who profess biblical values are ducking their responsibility and diving for cover, it's heartening to see a superstar like Phil Robertson who's unafraid to defend Judeo-Christian morality," said Scarborough, an ordained Southern Baptist minister. "And it's equally encouraging to see tens of thousands of concerned citizens who are willing to back him up."

Scarborough added, "Every post card is a warning sent to A&E, 'Stop persecuting Christians who dare to speak up for biblical values.' Each duck is a protest against political-correctness as usual."

"People are sick and tired of being told by sexual radicals what they can and can't say. No more!" Scarborough declared.

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