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Polymorphous Perversity: The Next Chapter in the New Cultural Revolution

March 25th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

by Peter Mullen

A participant in a BBC discussion about social changes in British society remarked, “Gay marriage is not the end of the liberation process, but only a stage on the way.” On the way to what? Well, we shall see. First we might pause to take a look back along the road we have already travelled.

The subdued and reticent 1950s were not much different from the 1930s or even from the 1910s. There were strict social conventions and public morality was conservative. Abortion was illegal and so was homosexuality. Divorce was still a social stigma. Of course, all these things went on, but abortions were “back street”: everyone knew that there was a woman – in Armley she lived at 27 Hedley Street – to whom a girl might go if she “got into trouble”. Occasionally there would be a homosexual scandal break in the newspapers, but these episodes were so mysterious that most people really didn’t understand what was entailed. There were jokes about “bum boys” but, well, they were just jokes. In the rare event of a divorce, the couple involved were disapproved, as if somehow they had let the side down – like deserters from the battle. In the space of a very few years, this settled way of life was changed forever.

Homosexual practices were criminal offences until 1967 when Parliament, acting on the advice of the Wolfenden Report of ten years earlier, decriminalised homosexual acts committed by consenting adults in private. The key passage in the Wolfenden Report declared:

“Unless a deliberate attempt be made by society through the agency of the law to equate the sphere of crime with that of sin, there must remain a realm of private that is in brief, not the law’s business.”

This was a humane reform and it was welcomed by the majority of the population who found distasteful the criminalisation of their fellow human beings for nothing more than the expression of their affections. Indeed until 1967 it was common for entrapments to take place, and homosexuals discovered in flagrante were often subject to blackmail and many careers and marriages were ruined. Homosexual law reform received support from all sectors of society including the churches.

But we should recognise what was actually decriminalised. The wording of the Bill specified homosexual acts “between consenting adults in private” where “between” meant two; “adult” meant that the two must be over twenty-one; and “private” meant behind closed doors. And of course the Act applied only to men. Homosexuality in women had never in recent history been a criminal offence.

I doubt whether those who welcomed this reform would have voted for it if they could have seen where it has led forty years on. Gone now is all that restrained talk about privacy and adulthood. Now the love that once dared not speak its name screams at us in high camp on the high street on such brazen parades of homosexuality as so-called “Gay Pride Day.” And nowadays, partly as a result of aggressive Gay lobbying and partly through further Acts of Parliament outlawing “discrimination”, the public is meant to regard homosexual relationships as morally and socially equivalent to marriage. And indeed it is now so legally acknowledged following the Equal Marriage Act.

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Bishops start quizzing their clergy

March 23rd, 2014 Jill Posted in Church of England, Gay Activism Comments Off

By Madeleine Davies, Church Times

GAY clergy have this week been describing the ramifications of the pastoral guidance on same-sex marriage, issued by the House of Bishops last month. Bishops have begun meeting gay clergy, at least five of whom are reported to be planning to marry.
The Vicar of St Mary with All Souls', Kilburn, and St James's, West Hampstead, the Revd Andrew Cain, said on Tuesday that speaking publicly about his plans to marry his partner of 14 years (News, 21 February) had resulted in an "uncomfortable" meeting with his bishop, the Rt Revd Peter Wheatley, on Wednesday last week.
"It was very uncomfortable for both of us," he said. "He was with HR, and I was with a union rep. That would not be normal for a meeting between a bishop and a priest. I could not honestly say it was particularly pastoral. It was awkward."
During the meeting, Bishop Wheatley had "expressed discomfort that I was being so public in my opposition to the bishops, and I made it clear this is something I feel very strongly about. He suggested that perhaps I would consider having a civil partnership, and I said my partner and I had deliberately not done that because we believe in marriage, and now it is possible for us to marry, we will marry."
When asked about the consequences of the marriage, and the potential for disciplinary action to be taken, the Bishop had said that the Church was in "unchartered territory". It had been made "very clear" to Mr Cain "that they would prefer it if the marriage was as private as possible".
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Who are the real bigots in the St Pat’s spat?

March 21st, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

By Sean Collins, Spiked Online

Across the US, millions march and watch St Patrick’s Day parades. This holiday is arguably a much bigger deal in America than in Ireland, whose population is about a seventh of the 35million Americans who claim Irish heritage.
This year, St Patrick’s Day parades in Boston (on Sunday) and New York (on Monday) have sparked controversy over their exclusion of gay and lesbian groups from marching under their own banners. In protest, the mayors of the cities – Marty Walsh in Boston and Bill de Blasio in New York – have decided to boycott the parades. Feeling pressure from activist groups, businesses such as Samuel Adams in Boston and Guinness in New York dropped their sponsorship. In contrast, in other major cities in the US, such as Chicago (where the river is dyed green in celebration), gay and lesbian groups have been allowed to march and the parades went off without much comment.
[...]  In their defence, parade organisers claim that gay people are not prohibited from marching, just not allowed to march under gay-themed banners. In Boston, organisers point to the fact that gay people this year joined a ‘diversity’ float that represented a South Boston neighbourhood. According to Boston’s lead parade organiser, Philip Wuschke: ‘We don’t ban gay people. We ban groups that are trying to make a statement.’ He notes that they have rejected a variety of groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, Irish heterosexual pride and an anti-abortion organisation, among others.
[...]  Seen its own terms, there are arguments and questions worth exploring from both sides of this issue. You might ask, why do the organisers in Boston and New York insist on making the St Patrick’s Day parades private and specifically Catholic events, when other parades in the country are not carried out in the same way? Or you might ask, why do gay activists insist on joining a parade that isn’t about their cause and, in the case of Boston and New York, doesn’t want them there as a separately identified group? The notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church probably doesn’t expect to be able to join a gay pride march, and gay pride organisers wouldn’t let them in if they tried (in fact, St Patrick’s Day organisers in Boston say they turned down an application from Westboro, which is anti-Catholic as well as anti-gay, to join the parade).
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Young girl covers her eyes as nude men walk past during Gay Pride Parade

March 21st, 2014 Jill Posted in Children/Family, Gay Activism Comments Off

By Peter Baklinski, LifeSite News

The photo says it all: Naked men marching in Toronto’s Pride parade, showcasing what supporters cheer on as the advancement of “gay rights” and “sexual liberation.” The naked men march past men, women, and yes even children. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate “diversity.”

The girl, maybe 8 or 9, doesn’t want to see naked men displaying their genitals. She feels assaulted by what she sees. She implicitly understands that her innocence is threatened by what she sees. She knows something wrong is happening.

She does the most natural thing: She hides her face in her hand to protect herself. She doesn't want to see the genitals of naked men.

Who will save the children?

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Same-Sex Couple Sues Church of England

March 20th, 2014 Jill Posted in Church of England, Gay Activism Comments Off

By Susan Brinkmann, Women of Grace

In what many are calling the biggest I-told-you-so moment of the year, a wealthy same-sex couple in Britain has decided to sue the Church of England for refusing to marry them in the church. The Daily Mail is reporting on the story of Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 42, and his civil partner, Tony, whose claim to fame was being the first same-sex couple in the UK to have both names listed on the birth certificate of a child. The couple, who now have five children by surrogate birth, has decided that when the UKs new law allowing gay marriage takes effect this summer, they want to seal their union in a church.

[...]  “We warned Mr. Cameron this would happen,” said Colin Hart, of the Coalition for Marriage. “We told him he was making promises that he couldn’t possibly keep. He didn’t listen. He didn’t care. He’s the one who has created this mess. Mr Cameron’s chickens are coming home to roost and it will be ordinary people with a religious belief who yet again fall victim to the totalitarian forces of political correctness.” He added: “We now face the real prospect of churches having to choose between stopping conducting weddings, or vicars, and priests defying the law and finding themselves languishing in the dock.” This new situation in England is a bold example of how Christians are being persecuted in the West by militant homosexuals and their partners on the bench who talk a good game about “equal rights” even while they do everything in their power to insure “unequal rights” for everyone else. The only good news is that the public is becoming increasingly frustrated with the bullying tactics of homosexual groups and the more they over-reach, the more certain it is that any headway they have made into changing public opinion will erode. –

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Italian singer defends song about gay man becoming straight, but says it ruined his career

March 20th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

by Sofia Vazquez-Mellado, LifeSite News

Famed Italian singer Giuseppe Povia says the persecution he has suffered from homosexuals and their allies in the entertainment business following his controversial 2009 song “Luca era gay” (Luca was gay), about a man who converts from the gay lifestyle to heterosexuality, has ruined his career.

In his most recent blog entry, Povia says that since he won second prize for the song at Italy’s Sanremo festival, “Gay associations in many provinces have repeatedly invited me to apologize to the gay community,” and he has found it difficult to find work because of a whispering campaign against him by homosexuals.

“Apologize for what? For singing a song? A true story?” asks Povia, adding that he “wants to apologize for not realizing we live in a violent media, psychological, artistic and cultural dictatorship.”

“Wherever I present myself … there’s always prejudice,” continued the singer. “Povia is evil, he’s against gay people and therefore must die. … It’s not possible … there’s a cultural anesthesia and there’s nothing worse than to anesthetize the minds of human beings convincing them that they will become ‘the new thinkers.’”

“The only positive thing,” he explained, “is that the majority of people (90%) are on my side.” He laments however, that this majority “is sadly silent” but “silence doesn’t change a thing.”

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Huge victory in Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

March 20th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

From MassResistance

Organizers stand up to pressure by politicians and media to include hardcore homosexual group.

These days there aren't too many big pro-family victories to celebrate. But Sunday's St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston was one of them!

It went wonderfully. The organizers stood up to the politicians and the rabid media who tried relentlessly to force them to include overt homosexual activist groups in their traditional Catholic, pro-family parade.

And in the end many others stood with them. Labor unions, small businesses, several politicians, and an almost endless procession of military, religious, school, and other groups proudly marched before huge, cheering crowds. But it was a nasty fight right up to the end. And the organizers personally thanked MassResistance for our support.
As we reported last week, the parade organizers had been pressured for over a month, and recently their sponsors were even contacted. As of last week, all of the major sponsors and politicians had announced they were boycotting the parade in solidarity with the homosexual groups according to statements that were released.
The vicious intimidation tactics lasted right up to the morning of the parade.
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Gay Rights – Tying the knot

March 19th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

Revd Richard ColesIn this BBC Radio 4 documentary, Rev Richard Coles presents a programme covering the history of gay rights campaigning up to the introduction of same sex marriage, from the perspective of activists in the movement of which he has been one. It finishes with celebratory declarations of victory, but also asking what can next be achieved with the power that has been gained.
Richard Coles is the presenter of "Saturday Live" on Radio 4. He and his civil partner Rev David Oldham are licensed priests in the Diocese of Peterborough.
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Judge overturns Tennessee ban on same-sex ‘marriage’: true marriage laws are historical ‘footnotes’

March 18th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Gay Marriage Comments Off

By Kirsten Anderson, LifeSite News

A federal judge on Friday issued an injunction temporarily blocking enforcement of Tennessee’s constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage,” noting in her decision that she believes laws defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman will soon be nothing more than historical “footnotes.”

“At this point, all signs indicate that, in the eyes of the United States Constitution, [same-sex] marriages will be placed on an equal footing with those of heterosexual couples and that proscriptions against same-sex marriage will soon become a footnote in the annals of American history,” wrote Judge Aleta Trauger.
Trauger’s order means that the state must recognize – at least for now – the “marriages” of three homosexual couples who married in states where the practice is legal and have sued to overturn the 2006 ban. The order currently applies only to those directly involved in the case.
Republican Gov. Bill Haslam’s office released a statement condemning the decision. “The governor is disappointed that the court has stepped in when Tennesseans have voted clearly on this issue,” said Haslam’s spokesman David Smith.
Republican State Sen. Mike Bell agreed. "I am saddened that a federal judge has chosen to, at least in a narrow way, overturn the will of over 81% of the people of the state of Tennessee who voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman," said Bell. "I am hoping the higher courts will overturn this activist judge's ruling."
Trauger is just the latest federal judge to force same-sex “marriage” legalization upon a conservative state where it was previously banned.
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Christian guesthouse owners go to Strasbourg over ‘discrimination’ case

March 17th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Religious Liberty Comments Off

by David Barrett, Telegraph

A Christian couple who were told it was illegal to turn unmarried couples away from their guesthouse have launched a landmark legal case at the European Court of Human Rights.

Sue and Jeff Green, who run a 13 bed B&B in mid Wales, advertised that only married couples were allowed to take double rooms.

But at the end of last year they received a letter from the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s “legal enforcement team” informing them they could be guilty of discriminating against gay couples.

Now Mr and Mrs Green have secured the backing of the Christian Legal Centre to take their case direct to Strasbourg in a bid to establish whether Christians’ beliefs and human rights are superseded by equality laws.

Mr Green said Christian businesses were now “struggling” to be true to their principles of faith because of demands placed on them by the state.

He added that the EHRC’s letter, which warned them it was “unlawful” to discriminate against someone over their sexual orientation, had arrived out of the blue and they had received no complaints direct from members of the public.

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Boston mayor pulls out of St Patrick’s Day parade as LGBT talks fail

March 17th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

By Jon Swaine, Guardian

Hours before the beginning of Boston’s annual St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday, the city’s mayor announced that he would not take part, because organisers banned gay groups from participating.
Marty Walsh confirmed in a morning statement that attempts late on Saturday to strike a compromise with parade organisers to allow a group of gay military veterans to march had collapsed.
“As mayor of the city of Boston, I have to do my best to ensure that all Bostonians are free to participate fully in the civic life of our city,” said Walsh. “Unfortunately, this year, the parties were not able to come to an understanding that would have made that possible.”
In registering his disappointment at the dispute, the mayor noted that “so much of our Irish history has been shaped by the fight against oppression”. He said he would be spending the day with his family.
Walsh’s decision came after the failure of a campaign by MassEquality, an LGBT rights campaign group in Massachusetts, to persuade the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, which organises the parade, to allow the gay veterans to openly take part.
MassEquality requested that its members be allowed to carry banners and signs identifying themselves as gay. The veterans council would only permit them to participate if they made no reference to their sexuality, an offer that was rejected by the campaigners.
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Resistance in the age of bullying

March 17th, 2014 Jill Posted in Civil Liberty, Gay Activism Comments Off

By Robert Knight, Washington Times

I don’t know about you, but I’m hearing more and more from people around the country who are terrified about where the nation is headed.
Every day, we’re confronted with more unchecked abuses of power. Judges, attorneys general, governors, legislators and the president of the United States are openly ignoring their oaths to uphold the law.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), fresh from being exposed for targeting Tea Parties, brazenly proposes new rules to make sure agents can continue the persecution without worrying about legalities.
Even the mighty National Football League and the 2015 Super Bowl were used as leverage by homosexual activists and their corporate allies to kill a much-needed religious-freedom bill in Arizona recently.
It’s not just government agencies that are functioning as ruthless enforcers of political correctness. Ask any schoolchild who has had the audacity to defend marriage in a Facebook posting or Tweet.
Nothing seems to slow down this juggernaut.
Ben S. Carson, who also writes a regular column for this newspaper, is a man who does not engage in hyperbole. His sheer reasonableness, along with a stellar career as one of the nation’s top neurosurgeons, terrifies liberals.
In an interview with at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), he likened the current trend of intimidation in America to conditions in Nazi Germany.
Asked about his remark that we are “living in a Gestapo Age,” Dr. Carson responded: “I mean very much like Nazi Germany, and I know you’re not supposed to say Nazi Germany, but I don’t care about political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.”

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Christian father confronts Peter Tatchell over child-sex views

March 15th, 2014 Jill Posted in Children/Family, Gay Activism Comments Off

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Gay Rights are not Human Rights, archbishop says

March 15th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

by George Conger, Anglican Ink

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya has opposed stiffening the East African country’s treatment of homosexuality, telling reporters the country’s current criminal code is a sufficient deterrent to vice.

The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala’s comments came in the wake of moves in Parliament to stiffen the British colonial era Sodomy Laws. Section 162 of the penal code says that unnatural sexual acts constitute a felony and if convicted, the guilty parties are liable of imprisonment for up to 14 years.

The code further states that any man who commits an act of gross indecency with another man, or procures another man to commit an act of gross indecency is liable for imprisonment of up to five years. Convictions under the act are rare, however, though gay activists claim the threat of imprisonment is used by police to harass suspects.

Last month five MPs announced the formation of a caucus to strengthen the laws along the model of recently enacted legislation in neighboring Uganda. Mr. Kang’ata Irungu, the spokesman for the group, said in a statement: “From the onset, we aver for several reasons that homosexuality is wrong, illegal and unethical. Any person promoting or practicing gayism in Kenya ought to be arrested. It is against the African tradition and illegal.”

Western pressure on African governments to decriminalize homosexual acts motivated the MPs’ call to stiffen penalties.

“In the East there are strong anti-gay laws. How come [America and Britain] are targeting Africans only? Gayism is not natural,” Mr. Kang’ata told The Star.

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European Parliament votes to impose heavy sanctions against pro-family African nations

March 15th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Global South Comments Off

by Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D., LifeSite News

On Thursday, the European Parliament voted to recommend heavy economic sanctions, the denial of travel visas, the withdrawing of foreign aid, as well as force the isolation from the international community of African nations that refuse to heel to the EU’s homosexual agenda.

During the debate at the European Parliament, French socialist Marie-Christine Vergiat and Dutch Liberal MEP Marietje Schaake both laid blame for the pro-family laws in Nigeria and Uganda on “evangelists from the United States.”
Meanwhile in the capitol of Nigeria, the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, Navi Pillay met with determined resistance to her advocacy for the homosexual lifestyle.
Addressing the UN delegation in Nigeria, the attorney general of the Nigerian federal government, Mohammed Adoke, emphasized that Nigeria’s laws “do not criminalize individual sexual orientation,” but explained that the focus of the law is “the discouragement of same-sex marriage which is a reflection of the overwhelming beliefs and cultural values of the Nigerian people.”
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David Cameron tells Gay Times: “We need to work day-in, day-out, to challenge homophobic behaviour”

March 15th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism Comments Off

From Gay Times

David Cameron has written for the new issue of GT outlining his commitment to LGBT equality. In an exclusive article in this month's mag, the Prime Minister speaks of being "proud" to oversee the introduction of same-sex marriages – the first of which will take place in a matter of days.

"For me it was summed up by a mum in my constituency who said "I've got a straight son and a gay daughter. Now I know I'm going to be able to go to both of their weddings, and that makes me really happy". It isn't every day someone tells me something like that – and it reinforces that what we've done on same-sex marriage says something positive about the country we are," he told GT.

On 29 March, almost on the stroke of midnight, the first same-sex marriages will take place in England and Wales. GT has been inundated with readers telling their stories of what the change means for them, and their own plans for weddings. Local authorities across the country are competing to hold the very first wedding – you can read the story of an Islington couple doing just that in the new issue.

Labour leader Ed Miliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who both advocated for same-sex marriage, also feature in the new GT. They went one step further than the PM, and agreed to answer anything GT readers put to them. Nick Clegg talks movingly of why he would be happy if his boys were to grow up to love another boy, while Ed Miliband argues Britain is ready for its first gay PM.

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Stonewall hijacks legitimate parents’ concerns to promote homosexual rights agenda

March 14th, 2014 Jill Posted in Children/Family, Gay Activism Comments Off

by John Smeaton, SPUC

Following press reports last week that the homosexual rights group Stonewall is sending a dvd to all primary schools, Antonia Tully has written today to Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, asking him to ensure that primary schools show the film to parents first so that they can protect their children.

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
Department for Education
Sanctuary Buildings
20 Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3BT 13 March 2014

Dear Mr Gove,

Stonewall dvd “Free”

SPUC Safe at School, a campaigning group which upholds the rights of parents to be the primary educators of their children on sexual matters, has raised concerns about the new Stonewall dvd aimed at primary schools and which press reports suggest will be sent to every primary school.

It is disturbing that Stonewall has produced a highly professional film, carefully pitched at primary-age children, ostensibly about bullying and discrimination, but which carry secondary messages about gender identity and family structures.

I urge you to ensure that all primary schools screen this film to parents before showing it to any children. There should also be full disclosure to parents that the dvd has been produced by a homosexual rights group.

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People cannot debate traditional issues because of liberal ‘censoriousness’, says Lord Neuberger

March 14th, 2014 Chris Sugden Posted in Gay Activism, Religious Liberty Comments Off

Traditional attitudes to issues such as sexuality are being shut out of debate by a new form of liberal “censoriousness” which only allows “inoffensive” opinions to be heard in public, Britain’s most senior judge has warned.

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, said that Britain could be becoming less diverse rather than more because once common opinions are now deemed “unacceptable”.

He likened the new form of “moral reaction” to the opposite but equally restrictive attitudes of previous generations.

….in the area of sexual attitudes, attempts to improve diversity risked bringing a new restrictiveness of their own.

It follows complaints from traditionalists who opposed gay marriage that they were unfairly being treated as homophobic because of their stance on matrimony.

At the height of the debate over the issue, a housing trust manager from Trafford, Greater Manchester, was demoted from his job and accused of discrimination because he said in a private Facebook posting that he thought same-sex weddings in churches were a step too far.

Lord Neuberger said: “A tendency appears to be growing in some quarters which is antithetical to diversity in a rather indirect and insidious way."

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Mayors Tell Irish Parades: No Catholic Values Need Apply

March 14th, 2014 Chris Sugden Posted in Gay Activism, Homosexuality, Religious Liberty Comments Off

NEW YORK — The mayors of New York and Boston are standing with a handful of homosexual activists in a boycott that organizers of those cities’ St. Patrick’s Day parades believe amounts to a public statement that means no Catholic values need apply.

In early February, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a high-profile announcement that he would not be marching in New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, the oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world. De Blasio said he took issue with the parade organizers’ refusal to allow units to join the parade with “pro-gay” signage.
Soon after, the city council also followed de Blasio’s lead and announced its own boycott of this New York Irish tradition, which has more than 200,000 participants marching down 5th Avenue in New York on March 17 with more than 1 million spectators each year.

De Blasio said that he would instead be “participating in a number of other events to honor the Irish heritage of this city.” De Blasio then marched March 2 in the “St. Pat's For All Parade” in Queens, an event organized by homosexual-rights activist Brendan Fey that garners a few thousand onlookers each year, and later posed for pictures with Irish drag queen “Panti Bliss.”

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Westminster rules on gay marriage in shared churches and chapels

March 14th, 2014 Jill Posted in Church of England, Gay Activism Comments Off

St Mary Undercroftby Gavin Drake, Church Times

PROPOSALS to convert the House of Commons chapel, St Mary Undercroft, into a multifaith centre (News, 15 March 2013) so that MPs and peers could use it to solemnise same-sex marriages, have been blocked.
Black Rod, Lt. Gen. David Leakey, confirmed that the original suggestion that the chapel be converted into a multifaith centre had been modified "so that the chapel would be a multi-denominational chapel; in other words, still a Christian place of worship rather than multifaith. None the less, there are no plans to take the proposal forward."
The chapel is a Royal Peculiar, under the care of Westminster Abbey, and one of the few remaining areas of the Palace of Westminster still under royal control. Chris Bryant, the MP who first put forward the idea, suggested that the proposal was personally blocked by the Queen, who visited the chapel in December. "She is a very conservative woman," he said.
As a Church of England chapel, St Mary Undercroft could be used to conduct same-sex marriages only if the General Synod gave its consent to same-sex marriage in the C of E.
The Government has published draft regulations concerning the use of military chapels for same-sex marriages. The regulations, which are due to come into force in June, re-quire the Secretary of State for Defence to "consult with the relevant governing authority of any relevant religious organisation which in his opinion makes significant regular use of the chapel", before applying for it to be registered as a venue for same-sex marriages.
The regulations specifically exclude C of E chapels, however, which would require the Secretary of State to certify that the chapel "is not consecrated according to the rites of the Church of England".
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