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Journey into Manhood – a healing weekend

April 14th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

From People can Change

Journey Into Manhood is a 48-hour immersion in intensive emotional-healing work, designed specifically for men who are self-motivated and serious about resolving unwanted homosexual attractions.

As a "journeyer," you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of group and individual exercises – including journaling, visualization, group sharing, safe healing touch and intensive emotional-release work – all in a very supportive yet challenging environment.

Journey Into Manhood is an experiential-learning weekend. We limit the use of classroom-style lectures. Instead, we create opportunities for you to experience healing, not just learn about it.

One simple example: You won't just talk about what it is like to look another man in the eyes – you'll stand eye to eye with another man while we help you process whatever feelings might arise.

All of the exercises are designed to help you identify and process the underlying issues that may be alienating you from your authentic heterosexual masculinity – and, ideally, to help you experience a deep emotional breakthrough.

May 2-4, 2014: Pennsylvania
May 23-25, 2014: Utah
June 13-15, 2014: California
June 13-15, 2014: Poland
Sep 19-21, 2014: Indiana
Oct 17-19, 2014: Texas

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Gay ‘therapy’ has no place in the NHS, says health minister as he warns doctors are referring people for treatment to change their sexuality

April 7th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

By Daniel Martin, Mailonline

NHS family doctors may be referring gay people for controversial treatments designed to change their sexuality, a minister said last night.

Norman Lamb, the care services minister, has written to NHS England to demand assurances that GPs are not making referrals for gay conversion therapy.

He said it would be ‘entirely wrong’ for GPs or mental health professionals to do so, and that if any evidence comes to light he would act quickly to ‘eradicate’ it.

However, he ruled out a complete ban on gay conversion therapy in the Health Service, saying he did not want doctors to fear prosecution merely for counselling someone coming to terms with their sexuality.

The vast majority of health professionals say the so-called ‘therapy’ belongs to a past when homosexuality was illegal and when people believed sexuality was a choice.

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Gay Conversion: I Slept With Over 200 Men, Now I’m a Happily Married Heterosexual Dad

April 4th, 2014 Jill Posted in Ex-gay movement, Healing Comments Off

By James Parker, International Business TImes

I guess I became straight by accident. It was never a grand plan; the therapy was an attempt to resolve commitment issues, rather than sexual identity. I never had any desire to change my sexuality. But that's what happened – in fact I changed everything.

Having had hundreds of homosexual partners, I eventually married a woman and had a child. And my whole outlook on life changed. I grew from a loud and arrogant person, trying desperately to mask my deep insecurities in group situations, into a strong, assertive guy who loved sports and war films. At the age of 46, I've never felt better in my own skin.

But before we get into the details of my conversion, let's go back to the beginning.

I knew I was gay at about 10 or 11. My cousin himself had come out and I realised my own attractions were the same. At the age of 10 or 11 boys start getting interested in girls, but I was only interested in boys. I was definitely a number six on the Kinsey Scale – an exclusively homosexual male with no heterosexual desires whatsoever.

Teenage years were hell. I often thought of suicide, occasionally self-harmed and had a growing problem with alcohol and gay porn. I came out to my parents when I was 17, in floods of tears. But mum and dad were amazing; they said they had known I was gay and then affirmed their unconditional love for me. My mates at school also told me they had known for some time and supported me. The 'coming out' process wasn't tortuous or traumatic.

At 18 I moved to London from the north of England and fully embraced my gay identity. I became the first person to live openly as a gay man in the section of the university I attended, and even established an LGBT group for other students, actively preaching against those who suggested that being gay was somehow a choice, or even wrong.

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Knowing How the Fairy Tale Ends

April 4th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off


I had a conversation with a friend today who admitted he was harboring a desire for a gay romantic relationship. I thought a moment and realized that not too long ago I could have said the same.

Maybe a year ago when I was feeling lonely or isolated, I could have imagined the same and felt the draw of such a relationship. But I've learned a few things. I know what "falling in love" with a man feels like. The feelings are real and powerful and it feels good. It is seductive. But I also know what is really going on. Basically, I'm in love with a series of projections, a process in which a person attributes attributes of him or her self to other persons with whom they are in contact, and transferences, a process by which emotions and desires originally associated with one person, such as a parent or sibling, are unconsciously shifted to another person. This means I'm not really seeing the other person as they truly are. Freud called the things I suppress out of my conscious awareness the subconscious. Jung had a broader definition of the subconscious and called what I suppress my Shadow which is the language we use in almost all men's work from Men at the Cross to Crucible to Journey into Manhood. Most of the work we do in men's work is to help men become aware of their shadows and often to change their unconscious beliefs shaped by those shadows. Jung said I am not consciously aware of my Shadow but one way I can gain awareness of it is through my projections: The false personas I project onto others that they may or may not possess.

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“Why Does the World Not Want to Face the Pain of Child Abuse and SSA?”

April 1st, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off


A legal opinion rendered on January 27, 2014, by a United Kingdom Court of Appeal (Civil Division) profoundly spoke to a form of discrimination that I suffered during most of my life. The Court said, "Discrimination against a person because of his or her past actual or perceived sexual orientation, or because his or her sexual orientation has changed [from gay to straight, something most people in my life would not understand] is discrimination "because of ….sexual orientation." My personal testimony below will show how inappropriate it is to box someone like myself into a gay identity, after all, change of sexual orientation is entirely possible and I am living proof of that fact.

[...]  I was always told by my Aunt in Toronto who first "outed" me to family members, and by therapists of the NHS, and the few friends I told at college about my confused sexuality, that my problems were because I hadn't ‘come out of the closet’ and accept that I was ‘gay’. The conflict between my innermost feelings and messages from the above sources grew intense. Thus, I ended up languishing in the mental health system. They betrayed me by not listening to me and my INNERMOST feelings. Their advice and counsel was simple: I‘ll be OK once I was ‘honest‘ about being ‘gay‘. However, honesty was the last thing they wanted. They didn't want honesty any more than my family wanted honesty. They just wanted another box to fit me in, as they didn’t see me fitting into the ‘straight’ box. This pattern of discrimination because of an assumed sexual orientation clouded my existence and my ability to be the real me.

All through this period of time, I could not find a therapist who would listen to me and help me overcome my sexual feelings for men. However, I noticed a particularly curious thing during this period. Whenever I felt negative about myself and rejected by others, especially if the rejection was by other males, my sexual feelings for men increased. However, whenever I felt somewhat good about myself or affirmed by men, especially by peers and those I perceived to have a strong personality or to be in authority, then I felt more sexual feelings for women and the sexual charges I had for men disappeared. Also my sexual attraction to women would not last long because I perceived that people would consider such an attitude as 'sexually aggressive.' No one at that time could explain this phenomenon to me.

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Southern Poverty Law Center Sued For Extremism, FBI Dumps Them as Resource

March 29th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Healing Comments Off

From Voice of the Voiceless

A cunning strategist demonstrates his skill against his appointed adversary by undermining his enemy while advancing his own position in the same move. And what more cruel, envious, cowardly and deceptive tactic to get ahead in the game than by psychological warfare to convince an adversary that his success is a total impossibility while advancing your own position ?
In 2002, former homosexual Richard Weller writes in ‘Confessions of a Former Homosexual’,
“I was 100% gay, now I am 100% recovered…..the media “spin” on homosexuality makes me feel that I can’t stay silent anymore! Like many young gays, I tried to commit suicide because I didn’t think there was a way out. “[1]
Fortunately, Richard did find a way out and is alive today to tell of it. Like untold numbers of former homosexuals who wished to live in compliance with the natural and written laws of their faith, to avoid the devastating medical consequences of the behavior, or to simply lead a normal, fruitful life. If ever there was a truly fundamental right, it is the right to self-determination.
Unfortunately, for those seeking change there are also those who would deny them that right to their own self-determination. Whether motivated by their shame in a failure to change, a lack of desire to change, negative experiences in attempting to change or for purely political purposes, the homosexual lobby itself leads the charge in denying the right to self-determination in order to advance their own ideology hoping for politically protected legal status based on unproven claims of a physiological basis for homosexuality which would justify such protections. Even as the American Psychological Association recently updated its official statement based on cumulative research to admit,
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Dr Michael Davidson discusses Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’

March 25th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

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Cure Me I’m Gay – The Truth About The Latest Anti-ex-gay Pseudo-documentary

March 20th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

From Line in the Sand

[...]  Finally, contrary to the claims of the programme, Dr Jessen did not engage with various therapies. What Dr Jessen did do was the equivalent of someone who is overweight and happy about it going to introduction sessions of the various weight loss organisations and stating at the end that none of them work because they did not help them loose weight. In the late 2000s the APA put together two working parties, one on the validity of perception tests such as the Rorschach the other on therapy for unwanted homosexual feelings. In both cases the APA populated the working groups with those of an already stated opinion. With the perception tests all the people were pro-perception tests, with therapy for unwanted homosexual feeling all the people had already gone public stating that this type of therapy was unethical. It was no surprise when this second working party published a report condemning such therapy as this was the position that the APA wanted published. Dr Jessen has followed in the steps of the authors of this report by making a programme that does nothing but confirm his own prejudice and bias.

As to the answered question of why there are so many therapies? The answer is simple. As I and thousands of others have found – they work (

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Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay, Channel 4, review

March 19th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

By Neil Midgley, Telegraph

With the first gay marriages in England set to take place in less than two weeks’ time, this country has never been a friendlier place towards gays and lesbians. It’s an obvious moment for TVto consider alternative points of view – particularly those of people who still consider homosexuality to be a disorder, or at least a sin. Hence, Channel 4’s one-off documentary Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay.

The idea was to look at so-called “gay cures”, offered by some doctors and religious people who think they can turn gay people straight. The programme was, in essence, a stunt – Dr Christian Jessen, the gay doctor from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, would see if his homosexuality could be “cured”. And he would take Cornell University’s sexual orientation test at the beginning and the end, to see if the “cures” made any difference.
This was an admirably clear proposition for the programme, yet it suffered a fatal flaw right from the get-go: Jessen clearly had no desire to be “cured”, nor the faintest intention of changing his sexuality. It reminded me of the old joke: “How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has got to really want to change.”
Jessen’s staunch and unflinching homosexuality made him, for these purposes, a bad journalist. (I should at this point loudly disclose my own homosexuality, which by the same token makes me a biased critic.) When presented with religious American extremists who believe that a person can be “cured” of their homosexuality (by therapy or even exorcism), TV can legitimately do one of two things. It can start from the express premise that these people are mad, and derisively try to goad them into showing their true insanity. Or it can try to be objective, and even-handedly explore whether there is any value (or at least efficacy) in what they do.
Jessen did neither. He had contempt for the “cures” and the “curers”, but tried to hide it. After trying a specially-staged version of aversion therapy (which used to be available on the NHS, and involved taking a drug that forced him to vomit repeatedly while he looked at gay erotica), he pretty much abandoned even the pretence of actually trying to change his sexuality. Almost all the “reparative therapists” he approached in the US refused to be interviewed, at least one of them on the (understandable) ground that Jessen was himself gay, and could not be objective.
Cure me, I'm Gay by Peter Ould
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US Supreme Court asked to strike Calif. ban on sexual orientatio?n change efforts

March 19th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off


Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) and Freedom X have filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision upholding California law SB 1172 that bans licensed therapists from providing sexual orientation change counseling to children with unwanted same-sex attractions.

In Pickup v. Brown, the 9th Circuit ruled that psychologist-patient conversations about how a patient can change his or her sexual orientation is “conduct” and not protected private speech, thereby deeming certain words and conversations in a mental health counseling context to be unlawful.
“The First Amendment protects free speech for all citizens, including licensed therapists and counselors who administer sexual orientation counseling to minors who voluntarily seek counseling for unwanted same-sex attractions,” said Freedom X President and CEO William J. Becker, Jr. “The government cannot dictate the nature of counseling without jeopardizing the integrity of talk therapy and children’s voluntary needs.”
The brief explains that, “In a matter as personal as private voluntary non-coercive mental health therapy, the First Amendment bars the government from dictating the words that may or may not be spoken.”
The brief also notes that the ban on talk therapy harms children who have been sexually molested by a same-sex predator, are now confused about their sexual orientation, and yet are prohibited in seeing a licensed therapist of their choice.
“California lawmakers should be encouraging licensed therapists to administer treatment to patients desiring it rather than allowing only unlicensed religious leaders to practice talk therapy,” added Becker. “This law is trying to advance a socio-political agenda which will only hurt minors in need.”
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Is Christian Jessen the Right Person to Review So-Called Conversion Therapies?

March 18th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

Dr Christian JessenFrom Voice of the Voiceless

Voice of the Voiceless, an ex-gay advocacy group and the only anti-defamation group for those ex-gays, and those who wish to overcome unwanted homosexual feelings, today questioned the validity of the tonight's Channel 4 programme “Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay” presented by Dr Christian Jessen. Phelim McIntyre, Voice of the Voiceless advisory board member and UK representative, said “While Dr Jessen has shown himself to be a superb presenter on programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies, Voice of the Voiceless have serious concerns about his suitability to present a programme on therapy for unwanted homosexual feelings. While many people would think that Dr Jessen would be the perfect person to prevent such a documentary the reality is that he is, by his own admission, happy in his sexuality. We would not send someone who is happy with their level of drinking to review Alcoholics Anonymous, someone happy to be part of a violent gang to review an anti-gangs programme, so why do we send someone who is happy to be gay to review therapy for those who want to overcome unwanted homosexual feelings? We also have the issue that Dr Jessen does not want to change, we would therefore expect any therapy he undergoes to have little or no effect. Dr Jessen has, prior to the programme being recorded, made statements questioning the validity of the ex-gay movement, something that points strongly to the reality that he went into the programme with a set agenda rather than with an open mind, there by violating the principle of sound documentary making that the presenter is unbiased in their reporting. Having spoken with therapists who work in this field in the UK some were warned off taking part in the programme by their clients specifically because of Dr Jessen’s stated bias. This bias also led some therapists in the United States of America to also refuse to engage Dr Jessen in therapy.

Mr McIntyre continued, “While Voice of the Voiceless allowed Dr Jessen and his team to record the Ex-gay Pride event the organised with other groups that was held in Washington DC last September, and Christopher Doyle, president of Voice of the Voiceless, was interviewed by Dr Jessen they were unaware of Dr Jessen’s sexuality and position until part way through the interview. Voice of the Voiceless has now been informed by Channel 4 that they do not feature in the documentary, despite Mr Doyle having received an email from Channel 4 thanking him for his involvement in the programme and informing him when it is to be shown. After discovering Dr Jessen’s position, Voice of the Voiceless was asked by Dr Jessen to take part in the Cornell Sexuality Test. After research the test Mr Doyle, with the support of the advisory committee, refused due to the academic press stating that the Cornell Sexuality Test is unable to accurately predict the sexuality of an individual participant. As such Voice of the Voiceless felt that it was unprofitable to take part in this aspect of the documentary. Having spoken with other organisations that were involved with the making of the documentary it appears that Dr Jessen was not honest with them about his sexuality and his position on the ex-gay movement, with one only finding out when the documentary was reported on in January of this year.”

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Retrieving Our Son from Homosexuality

March 16th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

by Steve and Janice Graham, PFOX

We are not psychologists, so this isn’t a scientific discussion of our family dynamics or our son’s problems. We just want to share our experience—our real-life, family success story—one that occurred in spite of our faults and failings. I say “OUR” experience because one person’s homosexuality impacts the entire family.

Before our family faced this issue, we knew little about homosexuality except that the behavior went against our religious beliefs. We didn’t know what caused people to think and act this way. We didn’t know our son was at risk, or that there was material promoting homosexuality available to him. We never imagined the danger.

Our son was highly verbal, expressive, sensitive and artistic child.  As a result, he began to get singled out for teasing by some of the more macho boys in his peer group. He tended to play with girls rather than boys, because the boys picked on him.

When he was 8, he told us he wished he was a girl. We took him for counseling, but it seemed like an overreaction. We figured he’d grow out of what we later learned was a degree of gender confusion.

As the years passed, it seemed he had “grown out of it.” But the scars left by the peer abuse remained. In retrospect, we wish we’d been more pro-active in affirming our son’s innate maleness and encouraging his masculine traits. A solid sense of
self, and of one’s gender, is essential to healthy sexual development.

Homosexuality isn’t inborn—its the result of some bad luck. That’s what occurred with our son.

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Replacing “good science with gay science”

March 11th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

From Christian Concern

The Director of the Christian charity, Core Issues Trust, which represents people seeking help to move away from homosexual lifestyles, says the official bodies are "scraping the barrel" to find evidence to discredit therapies that can help people change same-sex feelings.

"Their consensus statement is based on what they 'believe' without a shred of scientific evidence to back their beliefs. The best research available to us contradicts what these mental health bodies profess to ‘believe’. This is ideology which may influence the general public but it must not be allowed to intimidate professional counsellors and therapists who must surely base their opinions on sound science," says Dr Mike Davidson.

Read Core Issues Trust’s full response here


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Letter to all members of the Association of Christian Counsellors from Core Issues Trust

March 6th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

Dr Mike DavidsonFrom Dr Michael Davidson

Dear ACC Counsellors and Members

You will recall that earlier this year (on 14 January 2014), the ACC Executive Chairman Tony Ruddle issued a Statement to its Members[1] indicating a shift in its approach to counselling and psychotherapeutic provision for unwanted same sex attraction. Tony contacted organisational member Core Issues Trust (CIT) and an ACC professional member, Mrs Lesley Pilkington shortly before this announcement was made public. He indicated that our positions were at variance with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) with whom the ACC was seeking to formalise a register of counsellors. This related to the matter of therapeutic support for unwanted same sex attraction, or what he termed ‘Reparative’ or ‘Conversion’ Therapy. His call was a courtesy to both, and we were subsequently provided a copy of the proposed ACC statement banning such approaches, to prepare each for the shift in position, and in Lesley’s case indicating her impending expulsion. After careful consideration, CIT then issued a statement on 10 January, 2014 raising concerns about this ACC Position statement.

Dr Mike Davidson’s 2013 expulsion from BPA (British Psychodrama Association)

As the Director of Core Issues Trust, I was expelled from my trainee membership of the professional body I have been associated with since 2009, in 2013 (Press statements and documentation can be found here). The British Psychodrama Association (BPA) had received no complaint against me, but removed me from membership, on instruction from the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). This was because I hold a view that homosexuality is neither innate nor immutable and that autonomous individuals – after informed consent, should have access to professional help to manage, reduce or where possible to eliminate homosexual feelings. My views were well known in the training environment I was attached to, prior to me commencing training and as I progressed my training over the next three years. But when I shared these on a BBC programme I was suspended without a hearing, and 18 months later removed from the UKCP/BPA register. Such views were contrary to those of the UKCP, the BPA’s accrediting body. My case, represented by the excellent work of the Christian Legal Centre, is ongoing, but we had hoped that the ACC would remain a professional and pastoral care organisation from which I would receive accreditation and to which CIT would be welcomed to remain in organisational membership. These possibilities are now unclear.

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The New Creed for Gay Science: A Consensus Statement from UK Professional Mental Health Bodies

March 4th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing Comments Off

From Core Issues Trust

The (February 2014) “Conversion Therapy Consensus Statement” produced by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and its partners (The British Psychoanalytic Council, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the British Psychological Society, the National Counselling Society, Pink Therapy and Stonewall) is a window into the doctrines of the new orthodoxy of the public square, now expected of all those who would climb its ranks.

The document poses three important questions: (1) What is Conversion Therapy? (2) Why do professionals consider Conversion Therapy unethical? and (3) What does research tell us about Conversion Therapy?

Core Issues Trust offers a brief analysis of the answers this document provides to these three questions. It is very noticeable that in the three main paragraphs of the statement set out below, the controlling principle is expressed not in scientific terms, but in terms of what “we believe”. Of course when so many august bodies express such beliefs in unison, the general public is bound to be impressed. But the scientific community should protest that science is based not on what we believe, but on what we can demonstrate in practice.

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3 keys to breaking free

March 4th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing Comments Off

From Candeo

This brief training is designed to help you gain insight and understanding into the reality that you can take control of your unwanted sexual behaviors and progress down the path to the life and relationships you want most.

Key #1: Sexual Outlets and Behaviors Can Create a Chemical Dependency in the Brain.

Key #2: Avoidance and Willpower are NOT Enough!

Key #3: Change is Possible.

How do I know if I'm addicted?

Read and watch mini-course here


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Gay Activists Lose Two States in a Row as Washington Senate Says “No” to SB 2451

March 2nd, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

From Voice of the Voiceless

Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) just got news that Washington State Senate Bill 2451, which would have banned Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) therapy for minors, was killed in committee today, making Washington the second state, after Virginia, to say “No” to gay activists who are seeking to take away the rights of clients to pursue therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). This victory was achieved, in part, due to some great testimony from VoV Board Members Robin Goodspeed and David Pickup. VoV also commends the hard work of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, who worked tirelessly to educate members of the Senate on the destructive nature that this bill would have on children.
This afternoon, VoV President Christopher Doyle made the following statement:
“We applaud the Washington State Senate for saying NO to HB 2451 and YES to clients’ rights! Families and adolescents should have the right to seek the therapy that aligns with their values without the interference of political activism and government intrusion. This marks the second loss in a row for gay activists, who also failed to convince the Virginia Legislature last month with their tall tales of “therapy torture.” We now know that when ex-gays and clients who have overcome unwanted SSA stand up and tell the truth about SOCE therapy, politicians will listen.”
Click here to read the statement made by Joseph Backholm at the Family Policy Institute of Washington
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Christian counsellor expelled from Association of Christian Counsellors

February 28th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

From Christian Concern

The Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) has bowed to pressure from a government statutory body to expel a long-serving member and to deny an accreditation pathway to another, for offering therapeutic support to people with unwanted same-sex attraction. It is now unclear whether organisational members offering professional support in this area are welcome as ACC affiliates.

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Legal Centre, commented: "It appears that the ACC has succumbed to pressure from the State. This is highly disturbing."

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), which supports the campaign by homosexual activist groups to ban the therapy has asked the ACC to remove accreditation from Lesley Pilkington and Core Issues Trust, a Christian counselling charity headed by Dr Mike Davidson. The ACC is seeking registration from the PSA in line with other professional bodies such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the UK Council for Therapy (UKCP).

BACP and UKCP have refused to sanction this therapy and banned Lesley Pilkington and Mike Davidson from membership and accreditation. These bodies have alleged, without providing any peer-reviewed scientific evidence, that therapeutic support for clients with unwanted homosexual feelings is harmful practice.

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Once Gay, Always Gay?

February 28th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality Comments Off

By Alan Shlemon, Stand to Reason blog

The “experts” have spoken. Change in sexual orientation is not possible. Homosexuality, we’re told, is an inborn and unchangeable trait, like eye color. Case closed.
This implies that adolescents with same-sex attraction (SSA) or homoerotic dreams are manifesting symptoms of an underlying reality: They are homosexual. Because sexual orientation is fixed at birth (so the theory goes), these desires will endure through their teenage years and into adulthood.
This view is at odds with scientific research, though. Several studies report the opposite – that SSA among adolescents is more likely to change than remain fixed.
One study* followed approximately 10,800 adolescents between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. Of the 16 year-old males who had exclusively SSA, 61% had opposite-sex attraction at age 17. For same-sex attracted females, 81% changed to opposite attraction in just one year.
The study also compared sexual attraction at ages 17 and 22, with similar results. For example, 75% of adolescent males with SSA at age 17 had opposite-sex attraction at age 22.
Dr. Neil Whitehead, a research scientist who worked for the New Zealand government for 24 years and the United Nations for another four years, analyzed this study. He notes that although a small percentage of heterosexual adolescents developed homosexuality, the vast majority transitioned in the opposite direction. Based on the data, 16 year-olds with SSA are “25 times more likely to change towards heterosexuality at the age of 17 than those with a heterosexual orientation are likely to change towards bi-sexuality or homosexuality.” That means that heterosexuality is 25 times more stable than homosexuality. It also seems to suggest that heterosexuality is more of a “default” orientation.
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Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Trying to Crush a Small Jewish Organization?

February 26th, 2014 Jill Posted in Healing, Homosexuality, Intolerance Comments Off

By Selwyn Duke, American Thinker

It almost seems as if certain purported civil-rights activists think homosexuals are like some organized-crime groups: you can join the gang, but the only way you can leave is feet first.
A case in point is a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey against JONAH International — a Jewish organization that helps people overcome unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) — and some of its associates by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). And what is the basis for the lawsuit? As co-founder of JONAH Arthur Goldberg explained to me:
[T]he lawsuit was filed under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act alleging the commission of a consumer fraud on the unproven theory that same-sex attraction is inborn and unchangeable. Therefore, the programs and counselors to which we refer people have allegedly committed a consumer fraud because those seeking such services allegedly cannot change. Their goal is to put us (and other small organizations like ours) out of business. 

Fraud? People with SSAs cannot change? JONAH's satisfied program participants say otherwise. And here are just a few of their testimonials:

Read here

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