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Marriage is under attack – Archbishop Wabukala

April 10th, 2014 Jill Posted in Kenya, Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

From the Kenya Star

Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Reverend Eliud Wabukala has said the institution of marriage is under attack from both foreign and local forces.

In a statement, Rev Wabukala said, marriage is under attack from outside the country with the West and sections of the Anglican Church pressuring the ACK to treat homosexuality as a human right. Wabukala stated that “ this is to cheapen rights so that they become a demand that we tolerate individual preferences that are destructive of our moral fabric.”

He further termed that same sex marriage which recently became legal in England and the homosexuality as an attack on human identity as male and female created in the image of God. “To use the law of the land to legislate for an activity which is against the natural order, and consistently described as sinful in the Scriptures, is a very serious step which strikes at the heart of family life.

It is a repudiation of God and his Word which should make us tremble and cry out for his mercy.” Wabukala added He said within Kenya, marriage is under attack following recent amendments to the Marriage Bill by members of parliament recognizing polygamy.

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And So The Campaign For Polygamy Begins

February 25th, 2014 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Now that same-sex marriage is all but a fait accompli in the US — come on, do you really think that Justice Anthony Kennedy is going to miss his chance to be the swing vote on constitutionalizing SSM? — it is time to move on to the next frontier: legalizing polygamy. Many SSM proponents have long been indignant that anybody would suggest that legalizing SSM would lead to legalizing polygamy. They’ve depended on indignation to quiet fears of the slippery slope, on the grounds that if people started thinking through the logic of all this, they might not be so quick to support gay marriage.

Well, now that they’ve just about won this thing — and I don’t know anyone on my side of the SSM debate who, at this point, holds out serious hope that gay marriage is not going to be the law of the land soon — it is becoming politically and culturally safer to argue for polygamy. As with gay marriage 10 to 15 years ago, the groundwork for accepting polygamy will be laid by stories and essays in the media seeking to challenge the taboo.

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Judge’s ruling that Kentucky must recognize foreign gay ‘marriages’ may open door to polygamy

February 13th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

By Ben Johnson, LifeSite News

A federal judge ruled today that the state of Kentucky must recognize same-sex “marriages” conducted in other states, or even other countries. A legal expert warns the ruling could open the door to recognition of polygamous marriages contracted in foreign nations.

U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II of the Western District of Kentucky ruled that, while the state did not have to conduct same-sex “marriages” itself, it must grant full marital benefits to couples who live in the state but had nuptials conducted elsewhere.

In 2004, 75 percent of the state's electorate approved a marriage protection amendment.

Four gay and lesbian couples brought the lawsuit. One of the couples, Gregory Bourke and Michael Deleon of Louisville, were “married” in Canada. Others received a marriage license in Iowa, Connecticut, and California.

"If the decision is upheld, Kentucky will have to recognize as marriages same-sex relationships that were given marriage certificates in other nations, but there is no reason to limit the ruling to same-sex relationships," Dr. John Eastman, a law professor who sits on the National Organization for Marriage's board of directors, said. "Presumably, Kentucky will also be forced to recognize as 'marriage' polygamous and other marriages that were valid in the country in which they were performed.”

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The End of Morality Laws? Not Exactly

January 13th, 2014 Jill Posted in Gay Marriage, Other sexual 'orientations', Polyamory, Polygamy Comments Off

By Albert Mohler

oes the legalization of same-sex marriage and polygamy mean the end of all morality laws? George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley thinks so, and he openly celebrates the death of all morals legislation—or, at least he says he does.

Turley was the lead counsel in the “Sister Wives” case in Utah that legalized polygamy in that state last month, a reversal of the very morals legislation that the U. S. government required of Utah for that territory to be admitted as a state in the late nineteenth century.
Here is how Professor Turley explained the case:
It’s true that the Utah ruling is one of the latest examples of a national trend away from laws that impose a moral code. There is a difference, however, between the demise of morality laws and the demise of morality. This distinction appears to escape social conservatives nostalgic for a time when the government dictated whom you could live with or sleep with. But the rejection of moral codes is no more a rejection of morality than the rejection of speech codes is a rejection of free speech. Our morality laws are falling, and we are a better nation for it.
That is an astounding if unsurprising argument. The argument isn’t new to Jonathan Turley, who came on the scene as an advocate for polygamy almost as soon as the Lawrence v. Texas decision was handed down by the Supreme Court in 2003. That case decriminalized homosexuality, and Turley soon made the case for decriminalizing polygamy.
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Polygamy as Lifestyle Choice, and a Reality TV Brand

January 13th, 2014 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By John Schwartz, New York Times

Kody Brown, his four wives and 17 children want to be the new face of polygamy, what some consider the next frontier after same-sex marriage.

That is why, the Browns say, they invited TLC television cameras into their homes for their reality show “Sister Wives,” why they have written a best-selling book about their lives, and why they challenged Utah’s polygamy ban in federal court.

Fear of prosecution under that law led them to flee to Nevada. Last month, a federal judge partly overturned the ban, ruling that prohibiting “cohabitation” violates the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion.

In their first interview since the decision in that case, they presented a family whose polygamy is more “Father Knows Best” than fundamentalist patriarchy. It was also clear that going public opened a path toward wealth.

Their four new houses arranged on a Las Vegas cul-de-sac and their television handler are testament to the fact that the Browns, who once fought penury, have turned their cause into a minor industry.

They promote their family arrangement as part of a growing wave of individual lifestyle choices, managing to anger both the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which abandoned polygamy in 1890, and to some extent their own Mormon fundamentalist offshoot, the Apostolic United Brethren.

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Episcopal priest clarifies her support for polygamy

December 20th, 2013 Jill Posted in Gay Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Support for equal access to marriage for polygamists under American law should not be construed as a call to change the Episcopal Church’s marriage canons, the Rev. Danielle Tumminio tells Anglican Ink.

On 18 December 2013 the Massachusetts curate and columnist contributed an opinion column to CNN’s Blog entitled “How I learned to love polygamy” that urged the legalization of plural marriages.

Ms. Tumminio wrote that “gave a little squeal of delight” when she learned of the decision handed down last week by Judge Clark Wadupps of Utah Federal District Court in Brown v. Buhman which ruled that parts of a Utah law banning polygamy are unconstitutional.

She had long believed that polygamy harmed women, but after meeting the plaintiffs in the Brown case, participants in the reality television show “Sister Wives” she changed her mind. “Since meeting the Browns, I have become a supporter of them and their lifestyle,” she said.

“When done well, “ she wrote, “polygamy works because the participants have a different goal for marriage than monogamous couples: Most Americans believe that marriage is for the purpose of cultivating intimacy between two people, both sexual and emotional. But for the Browns that takes a distant second to the goal of cultivating a community that together can reach heaven. It’s a different way of thinking about marriage and family, but it’s not inherently an abusive one.”

She added that “as a Christian, it makes sense to support healthy polygamous practices. It’s a natural extension for those Christians who support same-sex marriage on theological grounds. But even for those opposed to same-sex marriage, polygamy is documented in the Bible, thereby giving its existence warrant.”

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Polygamy comes out of the closet

December 19th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By Michael Cook, MercatorNet

[...]  Most Americans are still deeply hostile towards polygamy so supporters of same-sex marriage constantly argue that the US is not on a slippery-slope to polygamy. Judge Waddoups’s decision, however, makes it very clear that being unpopular or disliked is not a legitimate reason to against a lifestyle. And, in fact, all the arguments deployed in favour of same-sex marriage work perfectly well for polygamy – and other even more colourful forms of plural marriage.
The judge’s 91-page decision relies on two fundamental ideas expressed in two famous decisions of the US Supreme Court.
The first is that a ban on polygamy is essentially religious discrimination and that heterosexual, monogamous marriage is merely a Christian institution. He grounds this idea on an 1878 case, Reynolds v United States. George Reynolds, the secretary of Mormon leader Brigham Young, had been charged with bigamy. His defence was that his religion obliged him to be married to several women and that his marital arrangements were protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The Supreme Court did not accept this. In a unanimous decision it said, “Polygamy has always been odious among the northern and western nations of Europe, and, until the establishment of the Mormon Church, was almost exclusively a feature of the life of Asiatic and of African people”. In a subsequent decision in 1890, the Court described polygamy as “a return to barbarism” and “contrary to the spirit of Christianity.”
To Judge Waddoups, such words are “unthinkable” in a racially and religiously pluralistic society. There can be no rational basis for a ban on “religious co-habitation”. Society is no longer predominantly Christian and its standards cannot legitimately define relationships.
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Episcopal Woman Priest Says She Supports Polygamy

December 19th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By David Virtue, VOL

An Episcopal woman priest said she learned to love polygamy. When she heard a federal judge had struck down part of Utah's polygamy law last week. she gave a little squeal of delight.

"To be clear, I'm an Episcopal priest, not a polygamist. But I've met the family who brought the suit, and these people changed how I think about plural marriage," the Rev. Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio wrote in an Opinion piece for CNN. She is a self-described theologian, certified life coach and spinning instructor, and the author of God and Harry Potter at Yale: Teaching Faith and Fantasy Fiction in an Ivy League Classroom.

"Before I met the Browns – made famous by the reality television show 'Sister Wives' – I had the kind of reaction most modern-day Christians would have to their lifestyle: Polygamy hurts women. It offers girls a skewed perspective of who they can be. It happens on cultish compounds. It's abusive.

"Yet when the Browns' show debuted, I began to question some of those assumptions, and when I had the opportunity to meet them a few years ago, I questioned them further.

"In getting to know Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, and their children, I saw that these parents were extremely invested in raising girls and boys who were empowered to get an education, become independent thinkers and have a moral compass.

"Indeed, children were so important to them not because they wanted to create more young polygamists – the Browns want their children to choose their own beliefs – but because their children were the people who would join them in heaven, and they wanted to raise a family kind enough, good enough, to achieve that goal.

"The result is four parents equally invested in their children, and a gaggle of young people who are neither spoiled nor timid, entitled nor brainwashed.

"The result is also four parents who strive to model what being empowered people of faith looks like in contemporary America.

"Since meeting the Browns, I have become a supporter of them and their lifestyle, though I certainly can understand why others remain opposed.

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December 18th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

Ya gotta laugh. They are still sayin’ it. The homosexual activists are still claiming that there is no such thing as a slippery slope, and legalising homosexual marriage will not open the door to other sexual lifestyles being recognised and legally sanctioned.

[...] Al Mohler has also weighed into this issue. After looking at a number of the legal aspects involved in the ruling, he goes on to highlight the bigger picture: “Of course, the moral revolution that has transformed marriage in our times did not start with the demand for legal same-sex marriage. It did not begin with homosexuality at all, but with the sexual libertinism that demanded (and achieved) a separation of marriage and sex, liberating sex from the confines of marriage.

“So sex was separated from marriage, and then sex was separated from the expectation of procreation and child-rearing. Marriage was separated from sex, sex was separated from reproduction, and the revolution was launched. Adding to the speed of this revolution, then, was the advent of no-fault divorce and the transformation of marriage into a tentative and often temporary contract.

“Once that damage had been done, the demand to legalize same-sex marriage could not be far behind. And now polygamy is enjoying its moment of legal liberation. Once marriage was redefined in function, it was easy to redefine it in terms of permanence. Once that was done, it was easy enough to redefine it in terms of gender. Now, with the logic of moral revolution transforming marriage in all respects, polygamy follows same-sex marriage. If marriage can be redefined in terms of gender, it can easily be redefined in terms of number.

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Federal Judge Legalizing Polygamy Cites Same-Sex Marriage Rationale

December 18th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

From NOM

"For years, we have warned of the importance of preserving the norms of marriage and its definition as the union of one man and one woman. Now we see the next step in the path of consequences for abandoning those norms. Left on its current course, in a few years marriage could be unrecognizable." — Brian Brown, NOM president

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today condemned the December 13th decision by a federal district court judge to strike down Utah's polygamy ban as unconstitutional. While the decision in Brown v. Buhman by U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups on Friday stops short of mandating legally-enforceable plural marriages, it relies on a line of reasoning utilized to impose same-sex marriage to require the state to allow polygamous "spiritual marriages" and "religious cohabitation" and ultimately tees up the issue for the US Supreme Court to further redefine marriage. The case stems from the relationship of "Sister Wives" who claim "marriage" to a single husband and are featured on a prominent cable television network.

"This decision is the next step along the path blazed by same-sex marriage advocates who have convinced federal judges to transform the societal norm of marriage as the union of one man and one woman designed primarily for the benefit of any children produced of their union into an institution that recognizes intimate, romantic relationships between consenting adults," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "For years, we have warned of the importance of preserving the norms of marriage and its definition as the union of one man and one woman. Now we see the next step in the path of consequences for abandoning those norms. Left on its current course, in a few years marriage could be unrecognizable."

Brown explained that Friday's decision stops short of imposing state-sanctioned polygamous marriages because the plaintiffs in the case did not specifically seek such relief. However, Brown said that with this decision advocates for polygamist marriage tee up the issue for the US Supreme Court to find polygamists entitled to official state-recognition of their plural 'marriages' just like gay and lesbian couples have been able to do in several states that have redefined marriage. The polygamy decision relies in large part on the same legal rationale utilized to impose same-sex marriage.

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I Now Pronounce You Man and Wives…

December 17th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

by Tony Perkins, FRC

Turns out, marriage isn't about two people who love each other — it's about three or five or six. That was Judge Clark Waddoups's opinion in the most explosive ruling the media isn't talking about. Late last week, the U.S. District Judge's ruling should have kicked off the evening news in every major market across America. Instead, his 91-page pro-polygamy bombshell is nothing but a back-page blip. And that's no accident. When Waddoups struck down Utah's criminal ban on "plural marriages" last Friday, the networks started tiptoeing around the story like the cultural grenade it is.
Like us, they know the Left's dirty little secret — that people who support same-sex "marriage" are saying "I do" to a lot more than they bargained for. While liberals insist that same-sex "marriage" is the ultimate goal, their demands only lay the groundwork for other relationships to demand the same entitlements. Once the courts and policy makers depart from the natural definition of marriage, the Left has a legal foundation for any arrangement between consenting adults.
[...]  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act this summer only sped the process along. Polygamists popped the corked on a little champagne of their own after the June ruling, as they wait their turn for nationwide acceptance. "We're very happy with [the ruling on DOMA]" said Joe Darger, a Utah polygamist, "I think [the court] has taken a step in correcting some inequality, and that's certainly something that's going to trickle down and impact us… I think the government needs to now recognize that we have a right to live free as much as anyone else." Proponents of polygamy are riding the homosexual movement's wave of success all the way to legitimacy.

And that's exactly what the mainstream media is afraid of. They see the potential for this debate to sway the middle and derail the same-sex "marriage" train. Recognizing that their destinies are very much intertwined, polygamists are using the same playbook as their same-sex "marriage" counterparts: Step one: overturn the law. Step two: demand recognition. Step three: force acceptance.

Ten years ago, Justice Antonin Scalia predicted exactly that in Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court decision rolling back sodomy statutes. With prophetic insight, he pointed to the threat to state laws "based on moral choices" against "bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution… adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity." Anyone being intellectually honest knew this was where liberals were pushing America. Of course, the media for years laughed off groups like FRC who warned that the Left's goal isn't same-sex "marriage" but any kind of marriage.
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Moral Mayhem Multiplied—Now, It’s Polygamy’s Turn

December 17th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

by Albert Mohler

As most Americans were thinking thoughts of Christmas cheer, a federal judge in Utah dropped a bomb on the institution of marriage, striking down the most crucial sections of the Utah statute outlawing polygamy. Last Friday, Judge Clark Waddoups of the United States District Court in Utah ruled that Utah’s anti-polygamy law is unconstitutional, violating the free exercise clause of the First Amendment as well as the guarantee of due process.

In one sense, the decision was almost inevitable, given the trajectory of both the culture and the federal courts. On the other hand, the sheer shock of the decision serves as an alarm: marriage is being utterly redefined before our eyes, and in the span of a single generation.

Judge Waddoups ruled that Utah’s law against consensual adult cohabitation among multiple partners violated the Constitution’s free exercise clause, but a main point was that opposition to polygamy did not advance a compelling state interest. In the background to that judgment was the argument asserted by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to the effect that the only real opposition to any form of consensual sexual arrangement among adults would be religiously based, and thus unconstitutional.

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So Why the Fuss about the Decriminalization of Polygamy?

December 15th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

Lisa Severine Nolland 

Gay history shows that liberation comes in steps. First gay relationships had to be accepted as legitimate and non-criminal. Once that occurred, then gay marriage followed. I think our [poly] normalization will follow the same course. Canadian ‘poly’ spokesman John Ince, 2011 (1) 

If you don’t support gay marriage don’t marry a person of the same-sex. If you don’t agree with polygamy, don’t marry more than one person. Live and let live! What’s the fuss?

Approaching train wreck

For years now a few lone voices have been saying that there is an impending train wreck, yet in the main it falls on deaf ears. For younger people, who cares if one is gay, straight or bi? For older people, especially Christian leaders, just ‘preach the Gospel’ or run another Christianity Explored or Alpha—that should sort things!

Such approaches, though understandable, are naïve at best and ignorantly culpable at worst.

Pan-sexual revolution

We are presently undergoing a pan sexual revolution of the first order, which is in the cultural air we breathe and is influencing us all, inside and outside the church. Though we are only in the initial stages, the rate of change has grown exponentially while the scope continues to broaden and deepen.

It started with the ‘liberation’ of straight sex and sexual relationships: pornography, promiscuity, cohabitation, no-fault divorce. Then it moved on to ‘liberate’ those of the LGBT communities. Now it looks to include those in plural partnerships. [Polygamist Kody Brown and his four ‘Sister Wives’ are heterosexual, but key players rooting for the Brown Team are other kinds of ‘polys’, polyamorists (literally ‘plural loves’), who can be bisexual, gay or lesbian: the material point is that two will not do.] (2)

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Federal Court Strikes Down Criminalization of Polygamy In Utah

December 14th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By Jonathan Turley

It is with a great pleasure this evening to announce that decision of United States District Court judge Clarke Waddoups striking down key portions of the Utah polygamy law as unconstitutional. The Brown family and counsel have spent years in both the criminal phase of this case and then our challenge to the law itself in federal court. Despite the public statements of professors and experts that we could not prevail in this case, the court has shown that it is the rule of law that governs in this country. As I have previously written, plural families present the same privacy and due process concerns faced by gay and lesbian community over criminalization. With this decision, families like the Browns can now be both plural and legal in the state of Utah. The Court struck down the provision as violating both the free exercise clause of the first amendment as well as the due process clause. The court specifically struck down language criminalizing cohabitation — the provision that is used to prosecute polygamists. The opinion is over 90 pages and constitutes a major constitutional ruling in protection of individual rights.

The decision affects a far greater range of such relationships than the form of polygamy practiced by the Browns. It is a victory not for polygamy but privacy in America. I wish to thank our legal team including our local counsel, Adam Alba, my students like Geoff Turley, my assistant Gina D’Andrea, and the many others who have assisted us through the years. I must also thank Judge Waddoups who showed remarkable principle and integrity in rendering this decision. This law has been challenged dozens of times in state and federal court over the many decades. It took singular courage to be the first court not only in this country but any recorded decision to strike down the criminalization of polygamy. In doing so, Judge Waddoups stood against prejudice and considerable hostility toward plural families. In a single ruling, he reaffirmed the wisdom of our Framers in creating a court with life tenure and independence under our constitutional system. While the Supreme Court is often credited with the recognition of basic rights, it is often forgotten how the true profile of courage is found among those lower court judges who stood against prejudice and anger to follow the rule of law. It will be an honor to defend this decision in any appeal by the State and we are prepared to do so as far as the Supreme Court to protect this legal breakthrough.
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That Slope Sure Is Getting Slippery

August 10th, 2013 Jill Posted in Gay Activism, Incest, Polyamory, Polygamy Comments Off

By Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

I have come to realise by now that the other side does not care about facts, evidence or data – they are simply interested in pushing their agenda. So I have stopped trying to reason with them. But for the majority in the middle who are not quite where they stand on various contentious social issues, I keep working to convince them that we are in some trouble here.

I refer of course especially to the homosexual juggernaut which continues to roll on, not just crushing everything in its path, but preparing the way for even more ghastly sexual-social experiments. They have opened wide the door, and all sorts of groups are merrily following in their footsteps.

I have documented this countless times already, but new examples arise almost every day. Be it the push for incest rights, or bestiality rights, or polyamory rights, or even paedophilia rights, I have written extensively about all these cases of the slippery slope in action.

My forthcoming book will feature many dozens of examples of each. Here I wish to add three more cases of the push for polygamy/polyamory. The three cases happen to come from North America, although plenty of other places could be mentioned here.

So let me begin in the US where a law professor is simply taking the logic of homosexual marriage to its natural conclusion. He sees no reason why things like incest and polygamy should be banned, now that we have opened the door to homosexual marriage. One article puts it this way:

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Polygamists Celebrate DOMA Ruling: Does Gay Marriage Open the Door for Polygamy?

July 1st, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

by Daniel Distant, Christian Post

Supreme Court Ruling Will 'Trickle Down and Impact Us,' Says Utah Polygamist

Polygamists and polygamy activists celebrated the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA Wednesday, claiming the move to promote same-sex marriage in the U.S. promotes polygamy as well. While some gay marriage advocates claim that polygamy is a separate issue, some conservative Christians and traditional marriage advocates have long pointed out the link between the two through the redefinition of marriage.

The Supreme Court voted Wednesday to declare The Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and not hear further arguments regarding Proposition 8 in California, which sought to ban any redefinition of marriage. Many have suggested that the move heavily favors same-sex marriage prospects for the rest of the U.S., and now polygamy advocates have said the idea of traditional "family values" is dying.

"I was very glad (after the ruling) … The nuclear family, with a dad and a mom and two or three kids, is not the majority anymore," Anne Wilde, a vocal polygamy advocate, told Buzzfeed. "Now it's grandparents taking care of kids, single parents, gay parents. … It seems like if more people are accepting of gay marriage, it would follow that polygamist marriage wouldn't be criticized quite so much."

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Gay weddings pave the way for polygamy, warns former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey

May 31st, 2013 Jill Posted in Archbishop Of Canterbury, Gay Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

By Steve Doughty, Mailonline

A former Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday warned David Cameron that his ‘equal marriage’ reforms open the door for multiple weddings and marriages between siblings.

Lord Carey said that same-sex marriage laws amount to a radical and disturbing upheaval which is likely to lead to unintended consequences.

Among them he listed the inclusion of polygamous and multiple relationships into the definition of marriage, and the right for two sisters living together to demand a legal wedding.

The intervention from Lord Carey, one of the most prominent campaigners against same-sex marriage since the Prime Minister first announced his plan in the autumn of 2011, comes as peers prepare to debate the new marriage law.

Ministers are braced for an attempt to wreck the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill next week.

A group of MPs have already written to members of the House of Lords urging them to vote down the Bill, on the grounds that in the supposedly free vote in the Commons they were warned by Downing Street that their careers would be at stake if they failed to back it.

Lord Carey, 77, said that the Bill overturns the historic understanding of marriage as a platform for a man and a woman to raise children that has lasted since the dawn of Christianity.

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Nick Holtam’s Case for Polygamy

May 30th, 2013 Jill Posted in Gay Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

ByPeter Ould
There is nothing new under the sun, and that goes without saying for Bishops attempting to make an argument for same-sex marriage. The latest to have a go is Nick Holtam, the Bishop of Salisbury. In a letter to Lord Ali, and printed in the Telegraph today, he makes the following argument.
Whilst marriage is robust and enduring, what is meant by marriage has developed and changed significantly. For example, the widespread availability of contraception from the mid- twentieth century onwards took several decades to gain acceptance for married couples by the Lambeth Conference in 1958. The newer forms of the Church of England’s marriage service have since recognised that the couple may have children. Over the last fifty years the Church of England has come to accept that marriages intended to be lifelong can break down and that on occasion marriage after divorce can be celebrated in the context of Church. It is also the case that most couples now live together before they marry. This happens without censure from the Church which continues to conduct these marriages joyfully even though the Church’s teaching is that sexual relationships are properly confined to marriage.
The desire for the public acknowledgement and support of stable, faithful, adult, loving polygamous sexual relationships is not addressed by the many Biblical passages about polygamy which are concerned with sexual immorality, promiscuity, idolatry, exploitation and abuse. The theological debate is properly located in the Biblical accounts of marriage, which is why so many Christians see marriage as essentially about two people only. However, Christian morality comes from the mix of Bible, Christian tradition and our reasoned experience. Sometimes Christians have had to rethink the priorities of the Gospel in the light of experience. For example, before Wilberforce, Christians saw slavery as Biblical and part of the God-given ordering of creation. Similarly in South Africa the Dutch Reformed Church supported Apartheid because it was Biblical and part of the God-given order of creation. No one now supports either slavery or Apartheid. The Biblical texts have not changed; our interpretation has.
Did I say same-sex marriage? Sorry, I meant polygamy. Sorry, I meant same-sex marriage. Sorry, I meant the relationships that I approve of and which don’t make me go “Ick”.
The ultimate irony of this line of argument (“stable, faithful, adult, loving” – SFAL) is that it’s proponents blatantly do not believe what they say. If Nick Holtam really thought that all that was needed for marriage was stability, faithfulness, adults and love, then he would have to support such polygamous relationships, let alone familial sexual relationships which meet the same criteria. But in actuality, Bishop Nick would probably happily say he doesn’t support such marriages.

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For social liberals, there’s now no reason not to legalise polygamous marriage

April 26th, 2013 Jill Posted in Gay Marriage, Polygamy Comments Off

From Conservative Home
Will legalising same sex marriage lead to the legalisation of polygamous marriage? Claims that it might are typically met with accusations of scare-mongering.
However, in a provocative article for Slate, Jillian Keenan – an enthusiastic support of same sex marriage – not only accepts the legal recognition of polygamy as a possibility, but regards it as one to be welcomed.
  • “While the Supreme Court and the rest of us are all focused on the human right of marriage equality, let’s not forget that the fight doesn’t end with same-sex marriage. We need to legalize polygamy, too. Legalized polygamy in the United States is the constitutional, feminist, and sex-positive choice.”
In defence of her position, she applies a number of standard-issue socially liberal arguments – such as the principle of harm-reduction:
  • “…legalizing consensual adult polygamy wouldn’t legalize rape or child abuse. In fact, it would make those crimes easier to combat… Right now, all polygamous families, including the healthy, responsible ones, are driven into hiding… In the resulting isolation, crime and abuse can flourish unimpeded.”
Then there’s the appeal to diversity:
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We hate to say ‘we told you so’: same-sex marriage & polygamy

April 26th, 2013 Jill Posted in Polygamy Comments Off

By John Stonestreet, LifeSite News

In a scene from Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm, the mathematician skeptical about whether the park is a good idea, watches the T-Rex burst out of its enclosure and says, “I hate being right all the time.”

Princeton Professor Robert George and other defenders of traditional marriage understand these sentiments. For years, they’ve warned that redefining marriage beyond the union of one man and one woman wouldn’t—indeed couldn’t—stop with same-sex unions. The same reasoning that extends marriage to same-sex couples would easily be applied to polygamy and polyamory also.
The standard response to these concerns was scoffing and accusations of fear-mongering.
Well, the fences are down and the beast is loose.
On Valentines’s Day, the Scientific American published an article claiming that polyamorists could “teach us a thing or two about love,” and the only reason to oppose it was bigotry because of outdated views about love and sexuality. As I said on my Point commentary about the article, the flow of the argument sounded far too familiar.
And now, as if on cue, Slate magazine published an article on April 15 by Jillian Keenan arguing that polygamy should be legalized. As Keenan notes, the arguments about gay marriage being a “slippery slope” that will lead to legalized polygamy is something “we’ve been hearing about for years.” To which she adds, “We can only hope.”
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